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Originally Posted by obeygravity View Post
Ahahaha yes! I'm a Virgo It's funny, for most things I don't really worry about the details but if it's something Very Big, then I need to make sure that I've got all of my bases covered and that I have a back up plan for my back up plan.

I have looked at apartments and pricing and the place I'm looking at is probably the only place right now that's in my price range. I actually have alerts set up for a few apartment listing sites to make sure that I'm in the loop of what's available so that if I do find myself ready sooner than later, then I can just hop into it ASAP.

I've also actually looked up my relocation chart and saw how the location would effect me and overall it seems rather favorable! The relocation chart itself shows me focusing a lot more on work which makes sense since that's part of why I'm moving. The lines that I'd be crossing (I still don't really know much about this and have just been using the Astro Travel feature) are overwhelmingly positive as well - Moon's Nodes trine/sextile my MC, Moon trine/sextile my Ascendant, and crossing Venus/Moon's Nodes. The only big one that seems negative is crossing Moon/Chiron line but it triggering that would make sense since I'd be incredibly far away from home.
Try the Astro cartography chart on tells you where your going to feel the best at moving too going on your birth data.
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