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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
No problem!

The problem with the size is that, if they make them ANY smaller, they will be a blur of pastels and glitter. They are hard to make out as it is. They have, however, a dreamy, otherworldly beauty that's perfect for meditation, so that's a thought.
Oh...that is too bad. Maybe with the next edition they will fix the color and quality of the prints on the cards? It sounds like a very pretty deck, but one that needs definite changes. She should have come on to AT and we would have given some tips. lol {Small/Normal Tarot Size, Clear photos, etc}.

I thought the photos looked sort of light, but if they are hard to see in real life than it is another reason not to buy them. It really is too bad isn't it? I LOVE glitter and how these cards appear. I really love the otherworldly vibe they have also. It is so sad that they aren't usable to most readers who have smaller hands. Oh well.. They are definitely very pretty though!

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