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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
Just a week to go and I can't wait! I just hope my Barbara Walker would get here in time.
Yay! So excited too!! Sending some vibes your way in hopes you'll get the Barbara Walker in time

Originally Posted by littlethings View Post
Still trying to decide what to use, but I'm leaning towards a fairy deck.
Originally Posted by I Sunshine View Post
Thank you for making space for this celebration of the Solstice! I love all the suggestions & ideas on what each deck would bring to it. I have a fairly good sized collection which is a blessing but also makes this type of choice difficult! Chrysalis, Ann K, or maybe one of my Goddess decks which have been calling me of late. Still not sure.

I love the idea of an altar: I do have a round table I could use. I also love the magnet board idea. That would be useful all year long for so many different readings. Will have to check it out.

I think starting to do a little research of my own on all 12 themes (days) will enhance the whole process. Pretty stoked about all this!!
I'm with you littlethings and I Sunshine...still haven't settled on a deck. Although now I'm really leaning towards the Prisma Visions which worked so well for me for the Yule group reading.

I Sunshine, I love that your researching the themes on your own as well! I had a great time doing the research to create the spread.

Originally Posted by lantana View Post
Just signed up! I don't have the room to keep a 12 card spread out for that long, but I'll try to look at the spread as a whole on the last day. I'll be using the Prisma Visions, because the colors are so summery to me (even with the dark blue cards and the seasonal minors) and I just love using it for large spreads.
I'm really leaning towards my Prisma Visions as well now! I just read with it for someone for the World Tarot Exchange and it just has such a wonderful energy.
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