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I am still trying to decide wich deck to use for this spread.

I am thinking of several :

- The Motherpeace, wich would be very appropriate for this special work, with its links to the godess and feminine power ; it has always seemed to be a sort of sacred deck to me, so that makes sense
- The DruidCraft (I have the french version : le Tarot des Druides) which also seems appropriate, due to its representations of ritualistic celebrations
- The Clover Tarot, one of my all time favourite, because it is so close to my heart, and has such vibrant colors and thoughfull imagery
- The Distant Past tarot which has a very sunny, midsummer vibe to it, with all this sunny athmosphere and blue skies and foliage
- I am also thinking of a secret deck that I am waiting for through the post, but I am not sure it will get there in time. Only today's post and tomorow's post, after that it will be too late. Its a deck that I have been dreaming of for litteraly years... so if it arrived in time, what better way to start a journey with it, than using it for this midsummer spread ?

Initially I had also thought of one of my witchy decks (Green Witch, Modern Spellcaster..) or one of my faiery decks (Hezicos, Sidhe, Victorian faierys..) because the vibe was coherent with the subject of the spread. But, as much as I like some of these decks, I do not love them as much as I love the decks that I mentioned in the list above, and I sensed that I really wanted a special deck, one that is really amongst my all time favourites, for this spread.

I enjoy reading about all your chosen decks, and I see that some of you have a hard time chosing, like me !

ETA : Oh no, now that I have written that I dont like my witchy decks and my faery decks as much as the others, I feel bad for them to be left aside....
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