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Originally Posted by RavenOfSummer View Post
This is a great question Carojulie. In terms of the layout I took this directly from the Sacred Days of Yule layout which has been used for the Yule readings here on the forums for many years. Last year was my first time doing the Yule reading, and I actually wondered the same thing as you- why isn't card number 1 at the top of the wheel? After thinking about it the idea I had is that not putting card number 1 at the very top gives more of an impression of the turning of the wheel when you look at it. We are pausing to reflect in this place, but even now the wheel is in motion, and the number layout feels like a reminder of that. However, I think there's no reason why the first card can't be at the top of the wheel and the spread goes around from there, if that feels right to you. There may be others who are thinking the same thing! So I think we should all do what feels right for us in laying out our wheel
Hey Raven, thank you for this explanation, that makes a lot of sense ! Now I understand that, as the wheel turns continuously, the fisrt card could actually be on any of the twelve placements and it would still mean the same thing.
I like that explanation and I will keep the first card just left of the top, as on the picture. It means that I start a cycle of reflexion and my peak might be the second day when my intuition has gotten into gear, or the peak could be anywhere, all the twelve days are a peak in themselves.
Thank you
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