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Originally Posted by BlueDragonfly View Post
I'm In! Just in the nick of time! *phew* Thank You RavenOf Summer! This looks like a wonderful way to celebrate the Solstice and opposite side of the Wheel, and I feel like I'll be learning alot from it.

I think I'm going with Waking the Wild Spirit as my deck choice. There's something very summery about it to me.

I love the idea of creating an altar space for it, and I think I'm going to clear off and cleanse my bedroom desk for this spread and a permanent altar space......I don't know why I've never thought if this before!

Well, now that my day's plan has been upended by new/fun tasks, I'm off to get started.
I remember you, BlueDragonfly. You're the host of the Sacred Days of Yule reading group, right? Glad to see you hop aboard this one.
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