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Hello !

I am so excited about this spread

I finally chose the Stella's tarot. It was not even in my short list, but my secret deck has not arrived through the mail yet, and I suddenly remembered that I had this beautiful Stella's tarot, with joyful colors, soft and warm like a midsummer breeze.... so that is the deck I am using, finally. It's soft, accurate, beautiful, has a soft feminine vibe, and the cards are not too big wich is great for a large spread like this one.

I have cleared my reading table, set beautiful scented candles and incense.... I dont always use "ritual settings" for reading, but this time the spread deserves a little decorum, and I love it when I have a good reason to light incense and candles.
I have candles for fire, incense for air, a beautiful shell for water, and many crystals for earth.
I am resolving the kids and cats problem by setting the cards on the table and blocking them with crystals. I have gotten out some of my heaviest crystals, for that occasion.

Right now, my deck rests in the middle of the soon to be circle, weighted down by a large green aventurine (I love this stone, the lucky stone
On my first card (Judgement) I am laying a citrin point, to weight it down (and to infuse it with yellow citrin lucky joyous vibe, it wont hurt !)

I had to wait until most of the family went upstairs for sleeping time, in order to have a few calm moments for myself in the sitting room (my reading table is in the sitting room, not the calmest room in the house, but I have a big family so quietness is a rare thing here)
I bet my readings will occur either in the morning (if I am up before everyone, not always likely), or later in the evening.

Namaste to all, enjoy your first day ! Much love
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