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You are in the wrong area. Lenormand Readings is what you need.

The cards are a combination of Yes, Neutral, and No really.

I think the answer is "Not likely" and the reason may be given as to why not, also, that something has been kept from you about the job. Sometimes it is advertised only to be offered internally - for example. This information will come from someone you will deal with either once or a number of times not necessarily a good old friend. Not to say the person is not friendly and all.


Originally Posted by cdoliveira View Post
Hey guys,

Been reading Lenormand for 2 years now but I still struggle every now and then with some certain combinations haha

When asked will I get the job, I got:


In my point of view, this is telling me that a friend of mine has a secret and it gets revealed, shame I can't make any connection whatsoever with my job interview. I thought that maybe my boyfriend reveal something that would make me change my mind (?) but can't see the partner (man) or heart card either.

Just giving you the heads up, this job is based in another country and it is my DREAM JOB, pretty much.

Is is telling me that maybe, a friend of mine would help me getting the job? (Don't see any possible scenario for that though, none of my acquaintances know recruiters or any one).

Could you guys please help me in regards to this spread ? This job would mean the world to me!!! Really!!!! Thanks in advance!!
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