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Originally Posted by theredfox
Well, I started this group and then did nothing for a while, so maybe I should explain that a little. Basically, I realised I dont have the time to really initiate stuff. My participation is more likely to be based on reading what others say, with the Mythic Tarot.
But you did initiate! You were the Ace that got the group going It will have a life of its own and you can enjoy seeing your idea take shape.

Page of Pentacles - one of my favourites when I need to calm down! He looks like he is meditating - making his salads grow with loving attention, having worked to plant them...

It's nice to see a Page of Pentacles that gets away from the image of the student (much as I am fond of that student); that really looks connected to the earth.

I think, though, this card hints at internal, as well as external, agriculture: the mysteries of Eleusis, which Triptolemus is said to have initiated, were said to plumb depths in humanity...we shall never know for sure, for they were secret (we have the odd story, that is all) - but this card is also telling us - find your own mystery in contact with the earth, your mother.

I feel that these days, surrounded as I am with the garden I planted on my terrace. Everytime I look at a rose, a juniper, a spray of lavender or mint growing half wild, I think that there is a mystery there - and probably I shall never understand it intellectually, only physically, by a strange transmission from plant to human whenever I tend my garden. Just as, when I was planting, my hands deep in loam, I transmitted my attention and mystery to the plant I was placing into the earth.

Is that what our Page of Pentacles is doing? Communing with the fruit of his earthy labour?

There is also this: that Pentacle is like the sun needed to ripen the crops. It is also there to ripen us, but we must give it time.
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