Mythic Study - Page of Pentacles


annik said:
He had done a lot! And he seems pretty satisfied with what he had done. He is enjoying his reward.
I see that as more of 7 Pentacles.

I see the Page Pents as actively nurturing and tending to whatever situation he has instigated whether it be physical or spiritual work.

I see all Pages as a new energy that is 'blowing in', whether it be to remove a block or begin a completely new phase.

Could this Page also be a pregnancy or birth?


What I really like about this deck is that it lets the reader use their own intuition to fully decipher the meaning of the card. I see the Page of Pentacles as someone who has just recognized something as being of value and is willing to nurture it into fruition. For me Pentacles tends to mean my health and body as opposed to my work situation. I might see the Page of Pents as a pregnancy as opposed to a birth. In fact, I feel like in many ways he does represent a sort of metaphorical pregnancey. But that's just me.


page of pents

I agree with goddessof1967 I think it is a child I see pages as children I think more than one would augur a pregnancy and pents would indicate an earth sign or the summer to me I also so it as a very fragile beginning of something physical I see pents as earth and physical


Triptolemus stands in a field that shows various states of growing crops. He looks down at the pentacle that he holds in his hand.

  • witness, along with his two brothers, to the abduction of Persephone by Hades
  • he provided information to Demeter about the abduction when she traveled to his land
  • in return, she taught him her worship and the mysteries of nature and the death and regeneration of life through the seasonal cycles
  • she gave him seed-corn, a wooden plough and a chariot drawn by serpents and sent him all over the world to teach man the art of agriculture
  • early efforts to relate to the world
  • recognition of the value of the material world that must be nurtured and protected lest it be crushed through undervaluing and neglect
  • interest in a new hobby, which often starts as an idea or enthusiasm
  • when cared for and developed slowly and patiently, a hobby may become a vocation which yields both material and emotional rewards and fulfillment
  • one who is serious, responsible and hardworking, often at a young age
  • the messenger who carries ideas of an earthy nature that may form the basis for new material capabilities to unfold
  • slow, vulnerable and fragile beginnings that contain great potential
  • interests, talents or skills that can be brought slowly to fruition, given enough time, patience and effort
  • material sense must be developed
Random Thoughts
  • witness
  • reward for information
  • one who “plants seeds”