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"New Deck Interview" Spread

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Join Date: 02 Sep 2009
Location: south OC
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I'm impressed, I tried this spread for the first time last night with the Aquarian tarot. Afterward, I felt a very warm bonding with the deck, which is exciting. I bought the Aquarian a while ago and didn't seem to feel an attraction to it, but now we're gonna be best buds. It told me so.
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Join Date: 29 Nov 2009
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Cool Very interesting!

I just used this with my Rider-Waite - the deck has been very badly neglected as I am awaiting shipping from the US of the Deviant Moon, and I've had this odd feeling I don't want to touch any cards unless they are the new DM ones. Anyway, after about a week of tarot starvation, I picked up the RW last night, and then had the idea to do this today.

Frankly I'm astonished the cards didn't say "oh, so you're bored enough to take out NOW, eh?..." On the contrary, they were extremely clear about wanting to teach me by challenging me, to help me realise there are posibilities beyond my imaginings, that can - no, WILL - lead me to where I need to be!

So I'm really grateful you posted this - it has helped me hear the actual voice of my deck, just when I was on the verge of giving up on it. I think from this I've learned not to be so fickle, and not to put aside trusted old things when something newer and exciting comes along...
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Join Date: 12 Nov 2009
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I am enjoying doing this spread with my decks. I did one with my newest deck - Deviant Moon - and was quite surprised at the cards that came up.
I am busy doing interviews with my older decks and finding it great fun. Thanks for the great spread!
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The Guided Hermit 

I've used this spread on two new decks over the past two days. It's been very informative. I too will use it on some of my more experienced decks and on the others I'm expecting this week .
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Adonis  Adonis is offline
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Thumbs up

Thank you so much for creating this! It is such a great idea and I just finished using this spread with my new Deviant Moon Tarot Deck and I am uberly excited!!!! It had amazing things to say!
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I just did this spread twice,and got the High Priestess each time as the last card
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interview with old cards

Do you think this spread will work with decks that are older and well used?
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student of tarot
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Originally Posted by justa_lotta_fun
Do you think this spread will work with decks that are older and well used?
I think the spread works perfectly as a "check-in" spread with a deck you've been using. As you use a deck, your relationship with it can change, as can what it brings to the table and what it can teach you. So while it's named the "New Deck Interview" I think it can also be used for check-ins.

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Moderator Note

Hi folks,

I've had to remove a couple of readings from this thread as readings are not allowed in Tarot Spreads. If you want to share your results--they can be very entertaining--please do so by posting the actual reading in the Your Readings forum(following the guidelines for posting there) and then post here with you feedback, etc., on the layout here in this thread and include a link to the reading in Your Readings forum.

The readings that have been removed will be transferred to Your Readings forum shortly.

Thanks in advance for you cooperation and understanding.

Sheri; moderator Tarot Spreads forum
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Thanks FireRaven for this New Deck Interview spread.

Just tried it on two decks and posted in the your readings area:

Noblet (Flornoy)

Illuminated Tarot (Carol Herzer)

Would appreciate any feedback or comments.

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