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enchanted spirit 

Many decks have passed through my hands, but there's only one I really regretted . . .

Golden Boticelli

I know many people like it, but it was truly an "EW!" moment in my life. LOL But last I heard it'd found a loving home.
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the Gothic Tarot of Vampires. It's a Lo Scarabeo deck
The Mystic Faerie Tarot.
Osho-Zen Tarot.

the imagery in all three of these just didn't speak to me or what i considered the cards to represent.
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Mystic Faerie the cards were unreadable, and each suit telling a story just didn't work, well not for me anyway.

I had to sell them them for a loss, just to get them out the house.
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How could I forget mentioning Infinite Visions? It was self-published and cost a lot, but it just left me cold. I felt the deck was too small and the lamination too glossy. I sold it and haven't regretted it for a second. Hopefully the new owner loves it as much as any deck deserves to be loved
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Whimsical. Thought I'd like it because it's got lots of fairy tales, but it's not at all my cup of tea.

And it's not even hard to find, so the possibilities of trading it for something more interesting are slim, I guess. Oh well.
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I regret buying the Haindl. The Majors are okay, but the pip cards do nothing for me, and the colours are so drab.
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The Cosmic Tribe.

The examples of artwork on the box looked intriguing. When I got it home I started going through the deck and found a load of nekkid, body modified people in photo-collaged art. Might be a good deck for some, but not for me. I bought it when I had a very small number of decks and had hoped to use it for professional readings, didn't want to risk having a little old lady pass out from seeing the images ... only deck I have ever returned to the store for reasons other than damage. I had purchased it at a Tower Records, so the clerk with the facial piercings (in the early 90s, so she was rather unique for the time), wasn't terribly sympathetic to my plight. Had to involve a manager.
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Aye, Cosmic tribe was a gift which went in at one door and out of the other.
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Well . . .

The Ma'at comes to mind. Cost a lot of money, and I really despise most of the cards. I bought it because I'm a collector, and that's what collectors do -- buy stuff . But I really, honestly, should have let that one pass.

Also kind of hate the Mystic Faerie. Also the Bright Idea Deck. Shudder. Bought it on some kind of clearance once upon a time, but seriously, even at under $10, it was a waste of good money.

Oh yeah . . . the eVoluti. Again, it's a collector's sort of deck, and I collect decks, so I bought it. But it was a mistake. Should have stayed well clear of it.
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Just thought of another one . . . the round copy of the Marsella, the one in the wooden box.

Why on earth did I think I needed a round copy? I very rarely read with decks in the TdM tradition, and I'm certainly not going to read with a round one.

Again, it was a case of me collecting things because I collect things . . .
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