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Originally Posted by mzansi-afrika
Nisaba where'd you learn all this?!
<slightly puzzled> Looking at lots of cards and thinking, mostly. I'm not really sure. If I were vainer I'd say I "channelled it". It's just ... there ...

"You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you." "You seem a decent fellow. I hate to die."
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Originally Posted by Cassandra022
i do have a question though... what cards do you think might deal with mental issues other than depression (since several you wrote indicated that) such as serious anxiety issues, eating disorders, schizophrenia, etc?
Er ... I associate quite a few cards with anxiety <waves at original post>.

Eating disorders, perhaps Pentacle Courts or the Nine in their negative aspects (or reversed if you do reversals), but most of the people I know who work in therapy or who have been in therapy themselves with problems see eating disorders (in either direction) as manifestations of anxiety followed by loss of control: the manifestation of unbalanced eating is a behaviour/emotion that is "safe" for them to focus on, as opposed to the stuff that is so awful that they have to mask it. Extreme anxiety, I'd say, so again, anxiety cards.

Not knowing anything (other than the popular misconceptions) of Schizophrenia, I'm not in a position to comment. Probably, if I were to read for such people, they'd get cards saying "you need professional help" and there are several of those. This system of reading for health is NOT intended to replace professional advice or help!

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this is great!

jeez, nisaba, this is pretty awesome!! i didn't read through all of them but i did get through the majors. i've been very apprehensive about health readings because i just didn't know how to do them (what the cards would mean in relation to health!) so i'm very excited to print all this out and go over it with a deck, to see each listed meaning fits!

and i figure if you're worried about them working/ being accurate, you'd probably just have to test them out! use them in readings for yourself, or hubby or someone really close, that wouldn't freak out at the information gained. then you could judge what was accurate and what wasn't.

or just trust nisaba, and wing it! i know she's had much more experience than i have!!!
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I've been dying for this. I've always been amazed with all the books and threads I've read, that no one had the courage to nail down health issues.
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Thank you!!

I was looking for a thread that might tell me what the four of wands meant in terms of health. I drew it inverted in the body position of my "Mind, Body, Spirit" daily draw. I thought it might be connected to my recent string of kidney and UT infections, or some sort of inflamation. You wrote the four of wands having to do with problems stemming from in the home, which makes sense for that card, but im having issues linking that to my life..

It was surrounded by two cups, and it was the only inverted card in the spread. Any extra insight?
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Er ... if you drink a lot of water, or tea and coffee brewed from unfiltered water, maybe you're having kidney problems due to a "hard" (overmineralised) water-supply to your home? I'd grab a water-filter, can't hurt if you know you have watery body-problems. The nearby Cups are pointing you towards your water supply, too.
Oh, eat watermelon, and drink cranberry juice. It's like a really, really dry wine without the alcohol, and good for you, too!
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teddibly helpful, lady! the whole health taboo thing has always struck me as weird.

thank you.
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Oh, I have health taboos with reading!

I won't definitively diagnose anything, I'l say that the cards suggested this or that, and they might like to go to their doctor for a checkup.

I also won't definitively recommend treatments, I'll say they might like to think abour or ask their practitioner about doing this-or-that.
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thnx for this nisaba. i've been here a few times checking it out. I have to say that I have some things I could add to your list as far as what I have seen showing up regarding health and the tarot cards.

One thing that comes to mind immediately was when I was doing daily draws for myself at night in regards as to what the next day would have in store for me. I've told this story numerous times on AT, so bare with me if you've read it already and find me a broken record, but I drew the 10 of swords and was so careful with everything I did the next day--to avoid a 10 of swords moment. I had a drs. appt. and I got to the drs office safely for my allergy test, and when the nurse came in with all the needles to stick into my back, It hit me! I had to chuckle at drawing the 10 of swords the night before. I literally had about 20 needles or more stuck into my back. can't get much more literal then that for meaning, eh? so, to me, the 10 of swords can show up as an allergy test, or more specifically shots that one must receive--even surgery--esp. back surgery.

anyway, thnx again for all this.
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<smile> Sounds like a fair interpretation for it. Also, allergies often cause a person to become depressed, so there's a tie-in with my meaning, too!

With any of these cards, if the actual image on the card you draw at the time reminds you of a medical-type or illness-type image literally, go for it. Interpretation is about your intuitive grab on the card.
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