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i would also be very keen to buy this deck
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slow progress ....

I have not had much time for painting this year, but I am still working on the Cat's Eye Tarot.

I showed the partially completed deck to several of my colleagues at a recent conference. Turns out many of these veterinarians are interested in the Tarot. I donated a boxed set of the Bohemian Baroque Cats Tarot for the silent auction. It was a popular item and the high bid was well over the list price. They even had a Tarot reader as part of the entertainment for the welcome reception. He was very well received.

In any case, I now have another group of folks encouraging me to finish and publish my deck. :-)

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Thanks catdoc. I have very much enjoyed all of the images that you have posted up to now. I feel you have such a sympathetic touch and understanding for the cats in your pictures. And they make tarot cards that really resonate, at least with us 'cat people'.
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I am glad to hear you are still painting, and that so many of your colleagues are sympathetic towards tarot. It is nice that the Baroque Bohemian Cats have been welcomed in their circles

Your paintings are so lovely and so original from other cat decks...looking forward to more.
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I saw this deck a few weeks ago on this site, and I want it! I hope it comes out soon... Ill be towards the front of the line to buy!!
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Oh it's so nice to see this thread updated!
I am thrilled that you are still painting it, catdoc!

This is one of my very favorite decks in progress...and I know that it will be absolutely worth the wait!
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Cats... must... have...

It's wonderful!
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Catdoc, I just love these cards. Your love and respect for cats just shines through. And I'm pleased that your vet colleagues are giving loads of encouragement too.

I'll be thrilled when I get the chance to purchase this fine deck.
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This deck has been on my "wanted" list ever since I saw it; I'm so glad to have an update.
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Great to hear from you again, Catdoc. I have been following your work for a long time. So yes, I am also one of those people who is (patiently) waiting for you to complete it. I love your work. Keep at it
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