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I admire cats from a distance, but even I am on pins and needles waiting for this set of cards to be complete. I love how you've used natural behaviors for each card. (Cats in clothes pretending to be people hold no attraction for me.)

I too believe that the quality of the art should help land a publishing deal.
Best of luck, and can't wait for the Swords court.
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Astraea Aurora 

Oh, they are gorgeous! Love it. Keep up the good work! I can't wait to see how the other court cards will turn out.

Astraea Aurora
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These are so gorgeous! I love the way the King of Wands is just sitting there, snoozing, being all content. Reminds me of my own cat. And the page being all playfull... it just fits. Wonderful cards again, catdoc!
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Oh I'm so thrilled that this deck is so near completion! I love the courts so far. Thank you for posting this info!
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Dragon Rider 

Is this deck ever going to get published?! I just love it and can't wait to have it (if ever). It is simply stunning.
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I don't think it is finished quite, or wasn't when I looked a few weeks ago.
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Only 8 more cards to go...

The Swords and Pentacles Court cards are all that remain unfinished. They are all fully realized in pencil on the sketch pad. I just need time and focus to get them painted.

Had a great Halloween celebration at the Feline Practitioners CE conference in Denver. Tarot is well received in this group of veterinarians :-)

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Originally Posted by Dragon Rider
Is this deck ever going to get published?! I just love it and can't wait to have it (if ever). It is simply stunning.
If you know of a publisher looking for a deck to publish please tell them about this one!
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Wow..only 8 more? I am so excited now!!!

This is still the most beautiful cat deck I have ever seen.
The only cat deck I have ever really wanted.
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Oh. Wow.
I am neutral on the subject of cats (spread the love ) and I have to say that this deck is phenomenal. Not just the artwork, but how you've chosen to interpret the cards. The Star... The Moon... The Devil (we've all met one of those!)... the 7 of Cups... I could go on! I really appreciate how natural you've kept it - you haven't glossed over the "cruelty" of predator-prey; these are cats, as they are, and I think the images are all the more special for this very reason. Your love and understanding of cats shines through and I wish you much success with the completion of this work!
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