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After several years of storage, I have taken out my several decks of Tarot to enjoy their beauty. Also decided to research them a little online. One of the decks I have is the Tavaglione Stairs of Gold Deck. BUT I have the initial limited numbered and signed edition (339/1000). Of course I can find lots of the larger run (still in print?), but can't find any reference to this rarer 1979 version. Anybody have ideas about values? Can't help but be curious. Thanks for any info you can share.

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You might have to seek out an expert at a 'paper show' - those conventions where people sell old comic books and autographs and stuff like that. US Games now owns the copyright on that deck - why not contact them at www.usgamesinc.com and ask?
Have you ever seen the other Tavaglione deck The Tarot of the Stars? ( Tarot Della Stella)

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