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Another empath here (big surprise), I can also talk with astral entities. As well as sense when they are near, and if they be hostile or friendly. I can sometimes see spirits. I see it more clearly than out of the corner of my eye. I can see the outline of them but not very clear details of them. I can however see the details in my minds eye so I "know" what they look like even if I cant fully "see" them. Ive had the street lamp thingy happen too. I was in the car with a friend and he was hey look that lamp is flickering, and that one, and that one, and that one.
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i am able to intuit feelings and even some life story of some ppl. i especially "read" my clients when i was working as a counselor. it was nearly impossible not to do b/c the ability comes so naturally. unfortunately, the gift doesn't work on ppl i know well like my husband or mother. i find body movements, clothing, and even tone of voice very revealing. despite the fact i could read so much about a person's feelings and life, i still couldn't tell if someone was lying to me. sometimes i can see auras.

there are a few ppl that i know hours in advance that i will get a call from them or see them that day. almost never fails. the trick is to know the diff b/t willing to speak to someone and just letting the info come like a submerged ball coming to the top. i have been lucky so far that the few times i went somewhere and came across a stranger who might do me harm, i knew ahead of time my danger and changed what i was doing. i've even had security guards walk me to the car when i noticed someone doubtful watching me. it's happened often enough that i feel that it's not paranoia but a genuine knowing.

i can sense and hear spirits. that can get pretty strange sometimes. the first time i heard a spirit was when i was 11. it was my newly deceased grandfather walking thru the house in the same way i knew so well. the stories here could go on a while so i'll stop here.

the main problem is just relax and let things come to me. that's easier said that done. tensing up does not help at all.

i do have occasional dreams where i'm pretty certain i'm meeting w/ spirit guides. i'll remember myself saying,"oh! please! let me remember that when i wake up! it'll make life so much easier for me!" they rarely let me remember to my frustration!! it's kind of like okay, one day when i'm on the other side, i'll look back on that and laugh!
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i also have that street lamp thing going. really annoying. at times they'd just flicher then die, at other times, the one which doesn't work lights up. also, when i was a child, i was sensitive to spirits and elementals. i saw dark furry hands creeping from the crevices in our ceiling, the ghost that used to haunt the area near our house, heard various entities call to me, etc. also, during this time, when most kids were creating imaginary friends, i made imaginary monsters. one time, i was playing around with it, and imagined it was lifting a portion of my blanket. to my surprise, my blanket indeed rose slowly as if it were being lifted by the thumb and index finger of an unseen hand. not being used to such physical manifestations, i hid under my pillow. when i looked back after a while, the blanket remained erect. i decided to sleep, in fear. many years later, i would find out that in tibet, they actually do practice the creation of temporary spirit-thoughforms. now though, the ability does not manifest itself that much. perhaps only in the occasional streetlamps. also i do not know how to term this ability, so i'll coin "wishcraft". really, i don't kow how, but i seem to affect fate when i really wish for something, especially if i'm tense or desperate. almost never fails. but, i cannot bring this to affect reality, when i know that there are other means to achieve the particular ends i want. with regards to perception, i am a very poor telepath, only now and then getting vague impressions from people around me. i also, sometimes get vague dreams which convey messages i cannot decipher. only later on would i know the relevance of these dreams. with regard to the more magical, less innate abilities, i have been able to affect change (negative, though as i was immature then) on people.
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Originally posted by blue_fusion20
i also have that street lamp thing going. really annoying. at times they'd just flicher then die, at other times, the one which doesn't work lights up.

This is the same with me; if they aren't going out, they light up. It happens a lot and this is the reason that my husband says he believes it has something to do with me. He says it hardly ever happens to him when I'm not with him but when I am there, blinko!

For everyone that this happens to, are you convinced that it is something you are doing? Or do you still consider the possibility of coincidence? I still wrestle with this. It only happens when I am deep in thought about something (usually all the time! lol) and after it happens I'll try to see if I can make it happen again & can't.

*Another thing I wanted to say is that even if it is something we're doing, I'm not sure that it indicates psychic ability rather than some kind of electrical field disturbance.
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i know someone started a thread on this before, Lilliana?
anyway, i'll see if i can find it, but there were a whole bunch of people who commented about this, and watches, cd players. if i have good energy, i can make the traffic lights all green for a long ways, and some days they are all red for me. grrrrrr.
i do seem to affect cd players and watches, but no street lamps that i have noticed.

here is the thread, sorry, i don't remember how to make it so you can click right on here, can anyone help with that? rtby=lastpost&sortorder=descending
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My spirit gift is dreams. I have dreams about events that usually happen. When I was little I used to "know" about events that took place before I was born. My family used to say I overheard someone talking about it, but I think I just knew.

Anyway, I also have the gift of dream interpretation and emphathic abilities. I like my dreaming abilities, but hate the empathic stuff. Being empathic is difficult, because of the amount of emotions that people put out with out even realizing it. Yule time is particulary draining, so forget about shopping for the holidays. . . but I digress.

I was also told years ago that I would gain the ability to heal, and some times if I lay my hands on someone and say a blessing over them, I feel my hands warm and tingle. The person I am touching usually says within a few minutes they feel much better. Which makes me great at giving massages. lol

And, I don't have the street light thing, but I don't wear watches because I usually short them out. The same with other electronics.

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Yogi Cat 

Gosh reading all these things has reminded me of things that have happened to me.

As a young child I always had people in the room at night - I was so scared I would put the blankets over my head - it is only in the last few years that I have been comfortable with these spirits.

I have often know things like when I was going to win a raffle or when my 2 children had job interviews which job they would get. I also know when people are lying.

I quite often get the phone one correct usually when it is someone I know

Sensing when someone is going to die has happened twice to me and on another occasion when an accident happened to people I knew. In the last 5 years I have started to see spirit a lot - around people or in church at a funeral. Sometimes when out in shopping malls if I am sitting I will be looking at someone in the distance and see spirits with them. I can also hear voices and also sense when spirit are around - also I can smell perfume or cigarettes etc.

At a mediumship night recently - when I entered the room I could see dozens of spirits walking from one side of the room to the other and when they reached the other side they seemed to go up to the ceiling. Later when it was my turn to give a message I brought in a man who was killed in a plane crash ( he was known to the teacher - he was on an Air New Zealand plane that crashed on a day visit to Antartica in 1979 all 264 people were killed) it wasn't till after I had given the message that I realised that what I had seen was the passengers all boarding the plane.

I have had a visitation from something that came in like ectoplasm and formed into a person who looked like the madonna - a teacher has told me that it was probably a master. I was too astounded to try to communicate.

When I was a really young child I saw a photo once of a Indian Yogi and I knew that one day I would be doing that even though I had no idea what it was.

Also I have animal spirits who visit a lot - sometimes walking up and down the bed at night.

I get started on this and I can't stop it makes me remember so many things. I think I might be running out of page.
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this is a link to the other 'street lamp' thread.
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I too am an empath. I can sense a person's emotions right away and hate being around negative people as it seems to bog me down.

I often know things especially in my circle of friends and friends and family that will happen to them before they happen. My mother is this way too and we have both talked in detail about certain friends of mine and what we saw and then it happened.

I guess I come from a long line of psychics on my mother's side of the family. My mom and I were both born on the 13th of a month too.

I am very telepathic with those I am close too also. I have thought of a certain place, restaurant, occasion then had my husband or whoever call and mention the same place. It's weird but happens all the time.

I have very prophetic dreams. I often visit my grandmother who has passed on in them and she talks to me about everything. She lets me ask her questions. I also have very strange indepth dreams, of places, people, etc. that I have never seen before in my life. They are soo real and very detailed.

I have seen a ghost before. When I was 18 I saw one floating above the end of my bed. It looked like an apparition and was black and white and like I could walk thru it. He was dressed in a suit and looked about from the period of the 20's. He winked at me. I was so scared, I pulled the cover over my head and prayed from him to go away. He finally did. I've sensed when someone is over my shoulder or felt a presence in my room even though I've seen noone too.

I've also heard voices. I haven't for a long time but it happened all the time after I was first married. I would hear whispering and it would freak me out.

I like hearing about everyone elses abilities. This is a neat thread.
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I do the street light thing too, but it depends on what I'm feeling, whether they go off, or on. And I asked an electrician about this, to see if he had an explanation, or would instead, reccomend a psychiatrist. He told me there are sensors in the lamps. It's a cost effective energy saving feature, so the lamps come on at nightfall, and go out at daybreak. But he told me that magnetic storms affect them, (solar flare activity, etc..) and that people with strong personal fields do too. He said these lights are SO sensitive, that anyone with a strong field will affect the sensor in the lamp.

I also aparently have some other abilities as well. Mainly to do with energy transmission, but also a lot of manifestation, spirit world interaction, empathic stuff, and just a general "Knowing what's up". I guess I have the psychometry thing going on too. I pick up impressions from places or items. I also had a cheating ex, who actually tried to BS me about it. I could tell if he'd had someone else in his car, even though there was no physical evidence. (he made sure of that.) And I could get the impression of the someone else, whoever she was, off of him. It seemed like I could read his thoughts.

I do that with other people too. I pick up stuff right out of their head, althought I don't try to do it. I simply can't help it. It just is something that happens to me. This can be extremely disturbing. It's a double edged sword. I get into trouble if I negate the impressions that I pick up. (This only seems to happen with guys I want to date, however. Unfortunately all better judgement flies out the window if I want to get with someone...)

It's funny, If I concentrate on the empathic, or telepath stuff, I get static, and it doesn't happen. If I concentrate on energy generation, I get more than I bargained for. If I concentrate on psychometry, I pick up stronger impressions. And as far as manifestation, If I just really need it to happen badly enough, it will happen. If I put some Oomph into it, there are more, and longer lasting results.
I was just born this way I guess, and as I learn and develop, it keeps on coming out. There may be even more, but I haven't discovered it yet.
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