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Chronata, I'm not sure how I missed this before, but this is great info and ideas.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us!
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Originally Posted by Chronata
Cool! I will attempt to find some batteries for my camera, and do this sometime this eveningt!

Thanks Master Margarita! I will use your question, and see what answers we may find!
I am thrilled! I am also going to print out your guide to the stones, although I still think I want to make an oracle from odds and ends I have other than stones. I still love the Playmobil Oracle I read about.

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That's where I had posted my own "grab bag" system for stones after reading this site which led me to searches for authors on lithomancy. Ursula Markham and Chrissie Sheldon were very inspiring.

I'm really enjoying reading all the ideas in this thread! And I'd love to see a pic of a casting, if anyone still wants to do one.
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i just finished reading all thats been posted here...what wonderful gifted people around here. its a good job chronata, i really learned a lot from this forum since i've been also a newbie in lithomancy. i've been reading crystals for a couple of months now. i just follow the pattern in the net like in my drop method theres a 12 houses that represents the zodiac signs with its corresponding meanings and also i do the picking up of 5 stones that represents the past, present, future, obstacles and helpful elements. but all these method is very private or personal because i do it at home due to the patterns of the spread that i need and the rituals beforehand. what i am interested now is the method that doesnt need any pattern so that i can read anyone, anywhere i like it, yet, theres really a lot to learn here. thank you so much.
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I just found this thread while searching for Pendulum knowledge. Chronata, I would still love to hear your thoughts on what combinations of stones can tell you about a person!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom!
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I am so pleased that this thread comes back up every so often, and that people really learned something from it!

I learned a lot from all of you as well!

As far as combinations, and what I can tell about someone...well, the personality meanings of the stones I use are in this thread somewhere!

I would have to go back through and see...but usually, combos that are picked by an individual tell me so much about that person before I do a tarot reading, that it make each successive reading so much more intimate and easier to connect.

I do read for a lot of "sensitives"...those who choose water and Moon together...are almost always psychic or sensitive in some way.

And Type A personalities almost always choose a combination that includes the Sun, fire, Male and/or the Center stone.

Creative artists (visual arts and musicians) almost always pick water and fire together, and usually Autumn and/or Spring.

The least chosen stone seems to be Air...but those who do choose it seem to be the skeptics...every single time...who believe in intellectual pursuits over emotional ones.

I remember three individuals who choose the Moon and Air...and each one was involved in Detective work (well, one was a mystery writer!)

It is very interesting how universal these stones seem to be! I am always intrigued if it works for other people too...and I wonder if shape or color matters more to tap into the unconscious universal symbolism, or if it's more of a matter of an unspoken energy exchange?

In other words, do people pick up what the stones mean, subconsciously through me?

I still wonder....
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Awesome thread. I am definitely going to do this. Any more updates from everyone?
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I was talking to my friend about this and she says she has white sand in a tray. Then you can draw in the sand what symbols you want and where. I thought that was a really neat idea.
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Sand Tray!

What a wonderful idea!

I have read in actual sand at the beach...but this is perfect!

Thanks for the great idea SherryZoned!
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I have always wanted a tray with sand for my altar in my bathroom....kinda like a feng shue one that I have seen...but my problem is my cats! I can see the hrror of them trying to use it as a litter box!

So, for now it is still just a wish.......
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