I saw a large feather today!!

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I saw a large feather today!!

I was walking my dog, lucky in the evening and i walked by and saw a large feather, a grey one. it was so pretty it looked like the ones you see in movies. i know i read somewhere that if you see this its extremely good luck and a good omen. but what does it mean excatly? it looked like it was a sign for me. it was sitting on the floor next to a doorway maybe that means something too?
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Hi Gorgeousbutterfly

Funny I came across this post just now as lately I've been very interested in angel communication. Finding (white) feathers is one of the ways angels communicate with us, to let us know they heard our prayers or to let us know that we're on the right path. Also sequences you encounter often might be a sign from your angels. On http://www.sharonmay.co.uk you can find lots of info about angels and how to communicate with them. Doreen Virtue also writes good books on angels, I believe.

I've been finding white feathers at certain periods in my life. Over the past week I've been thinking a lot about a certain issue in my life, and asking the angels to assist me in that. I also asked for a sign. The minute I asked, I had the images of a beautiful white feather in my head. A large greyish white feather has been lying in the meadow next to my house for the past week. Also, I've been seeing sequences of 1.11 or 11.11 or 10.11 everywhere I go. Clocks, keeping quality dates of food and drink, times someone posts something in a forum, receipts... I trust that I am guided and on the right path, although I don't see it yet at the moment.

You're definitely not the only one seeing these signs, and isn't it great to know that we're not alone and being guided?

Purple Myst
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I think that when you find a feather and take note of it that it is a personal omen for you of some type. But it is a personal meaning as well. Just watch and see what happens. Hindsight is 20/20 vision. Next time you will know if you figure out what this time means. Also I agree that they can come from the Angels on occasion but not necessarily every time although anything is possible really.
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Yes, feathers mean something special to many people. I keep finding little, really tiny ones - they are so beautiful. No idea what they mean though.
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whenever i speak to my guides and ask for reasurrance or a sign about something, then i invariably receive a beautiful tiny feather - i have around half a dozen of them now!

and they are in places where feathers shouldn't be in my house, as i don't have clothing or bedding that contain feathers or they will be "attached" to my door or car......most strange!

it is very reassuring when i receive a gift and just reinforces my total belief in something higher than ourselves in life.

jue xx
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I have had the feather thing happen after a dream.
I rose and rose and rose so high that I became afraid, it wasnt really a dream, I was very concious. Then there where feathers floating all around me in the bluest sky. I felt in awe.

With out going into all the details of the dream, the next day as I'm sitting in my office white feathers are falling down in front the window, I peer out to see were they are coming from and there are two dove sitting on a wire outside the window. I'm thinking coincidence...right. Well next day my daughter and I are sitting in the glass door talking and day dreaming and there floats a tiny white feather... I told her to lets go out and get it - when we got up to go outside it took off in the wind. A couple of days later again, I'm in my office and tiny white feather floats down from the tree, this time no birds (just like with my daughter).

I'm not sure if angels have feathers, I'm not sure if birds are messengers of the divine, but I'm sure the feathers which followed my dream, were significant.
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At first, I was laughing at this post because I thought, birds lose feathers all the time...Then about an hour later, I went to the gym. I was so angry during my work out that I stopped and stepped outside to make a phone call.
You see the old man next to me, yes the one that ripped my mailbox off it's post has put soap bubbles in my pond twice! I called my friend to tell him, because he is going to install a camera in back, I look down and behold there is a feather sitting on the concrete beneath my feet. I don't know what it means but it can't be bad.
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I'm laughing at you now! I never see feathers, let alone watch any slowly drift down to the earth. Maybe it's just a new awareness for some, once the feather is associated with something.

The story I saw on the website was about a family that lost the mother and on christmas each family member in different parts of the country (usa) had a feather to gently float down from the tree, and none had birds or feathered anything in the house, because of allergies and such.
I my case- it was attention getting thing- and it stopped me dead in my thought.. Life is good..
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In an earlier post in February I explained that I went up to my bedroom and there were two feathers ! One upright on the keyboard and one right beside it. Trust me no birds in my bedroom ! Well my sister died the next night. I am not saying here that feathers are a bad omen I am saying however that this was the way I was prepared for the event. Someone up there loves me. I believe the message was that ... I am not alone and the angels are with me always.
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I believe seeing white feathers or any feathers are a sign that your angels are with you and can also be telling you that someone you love who is deceased is with you.

my daughter one day was driving home in a bad snowstorm and lost control of her car on a bridge going over a body of water. she immediately prayed for her guardian angels to be with her and help her out, and then the car came to a stop, without even hitting the side of hte bridge. A miracle in itself, but when my daughter got off the bridge and pulled into a parking lot nearby to collect herself, she noticed a large white feather in her car---right beside her in the passenger seat. For her and all of us she told, we knew it was a sign that her guardian angels heard her prayer and guided her car to a stop without injuring her or her car. The feather was just to let her know she was not alone.

A friend of mine, recently widowed, sees a feather after she has a sad day of missing her husband. It happens every time, and she takes it as a sign that he is still with her.
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