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Tarot Cielo by Kat Black

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Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
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Thanks so much! I really wish I could show them here as I finished them. Funnily enough though, there was another piracy attempt this week, of the original Golden Tarot v1 (complete with the German titles from the commercially pirated version) so I guess that should give me the message that this sort of thing will keep happening. I think perhaps it was you who let me know about the priacy, Lady of Wands? If so, thanks! I have the kindest, sweetest, most vigilant fans ever!

I can't resist showing at least a few more along the way though, very small. Although they don't show the detail that's so fascinating - but it will give a few more clues about what's so different about this deck
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I haven't looked at the two of cups yet, but just had to say that the Strength card is beautiful, so vivid! I think I would buy the deck just for that card.

All the best,
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Lady of Wands  Lady of Wands is offline
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Lady of Wands 

No, indeed, I wasn't the one who warned you about the piracy - I am so glad you were warned however.

Thank for the glimpses at other cards. Both are wonderful. The roaring lion and lady are magical, so vividly in motion. (I was just reading a section in Spencer's Faerie Queen last night where the lady tames a lion, seeing this card is just perfect).

And the embrace between the two on the cups cards brings home a very tender and touching interpretation.

I'm so excited about this deck. I'm afraid I'm slow at guessing what makes it special, though. Ah well, surprise and suspense are good, too.
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Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
Posts: 570
Over a third of the way

Thought I'd drop a quick note to say I'm making progress. 27 of the cards are done. I've changed many of them from the early drafts posted here - but then that's going to keep happening as I live with them, right up until it's ready to be published.

Anyway, I've decide to upload these bigger so you can print them out. If anyone sees them pirated anywhere or whatever, please let me know. It's only two cards though, so I figure the commercial pirates won't be able to do much with so few....

If these two don't give away some clues about the deck's particular characteristics then I'll be very surprised
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I must be stupid, but I'm afraid I can't see it, other then that the source paintings you're using are from a slightly different timeframe. Some of them appear to be portraits, drawing more attention to the personality of the person in the card, but that could be just a side effect...

Anyway, I love them. Temperance is fantastic.
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Join Date: 24 Nov 2002
Location: Prague, wonderful Prague, Czech Republic
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These are lovely Kat - the deck is really taking shape, exciting! But I'm afraid I also could not guess it. Though is the woman in both cards perhaps the same woman? Are we seeing her story?
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Seeking wisdom, peace, and solitude
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The cards are beautiful, but I cannot guess the secret.

Can you just tell us, retrokat?
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Join Date: 27 Jul 2005
Location: Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium
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these cards look great once again you have made a wonderful labor of love.
as to the secret....the 2 of swords has a family resemblence to Henry VIII could i be unto something there, or am i completely off it in any possible way
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Just a little prairie faerie
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I noticed that the back grounds reminded me of Da Vinci's back grounds on some of his paintings.
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Join Date: 12 Aug 2002
Location: Western Australia
Posts: 570

Heh heh.. Well, some of you are close... Not the same woman, but there is a Henry VIII link with those two.

I think I might have to own up to what I'm aiming for with this deck soon. Or not show any more cards til it's done

I'm the worst person in the world at keeping secrets.
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