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Tarot Cielo by Kat Black

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I too will be waiting for the Tarot Cielo to be released, no matter how long it takes.

From the few cards posted, it looks as beautiful and as inspiring as the Golden is. . I think I prefer the second Wand Queen too.
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Yo (((Retrokat (and Jasper))))...

uh...how 'bout the inclusion of a twisted fork or two?

Wahahahaha - sorry - just wanted to say hello...
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Just beautiful Kat!
Love the second Queen of Wands.
On my wish list for sure....as Golden is one of my top 5 work horse decks.
I'm going to guess at the secret~
All the cards are close ups of the people involved even the minors...with clues in the back ground as to card meanings?

Maybe on the wall on the Page of Swords you could put an old black lock, but no door knob....
That's the kind of challenge he'd like to solve...it would tickle his big sense of curiosity too....especially if there was a map to follow with clues.
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One more for my wish list.. I love my Golden tarot.. and I am already loving what I see.. I love the name... I am hearing music.. lol
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Kat, the world does need more tarot decks, especially like the ones you create. Wonderful.
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Little Baron 

I actually prefer the first Queen. But I can see that the second has a 'Queen of Wands' look to her.

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She's defiantly shaggable....Hootche Mama!! I think she could melt parts more southerly than the heart with that gaze,
But I do hope that you will find some good use for QofW#1 in your deck. She is lovely and somehow secretive...
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Can't wait to see more.

Yet another deck to add to my ever growing wishlist...so many decks, so little time, so little money...Woe to me.
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Exciting work, Kat

best of luck.

how far along are you at this piont?


PS...why are you not going with US Games again?
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Oh yes! I LOVE the second queen of wands. That knowing look.

I'm a bit over these vapid blondes with other-worldly expressions... like models in magazines. Can't relate to them at all. Give us real women. Is your King of Wands going to be similiarly *shaggable* ? -- heh heh......

seriously this looks really exciting. Good luck with getting a publisher.

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