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Does Tarot make you smarter?

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HearthCricket  HearthCricket is offline
Join Date: 10 Feb 2002
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Does Tarot make you smarter?

I often see articles that inform us that reading, learning a new language, playing games, solving puzzles, etc., keeps the brain and memory healthy and growing strong, no matter what age. I often wonder, do you think tarot does the same? I do. Reading or studying tarot is a language all of its own. Constantly studying the artwork and symbolism and feeing our brains with new decks and new ideas, must be doing some good to us! And that doesn't even count the books we read, the paths we take, the journeys and studies that a deck or even a picture, a religions, a deity or theme might take us.

So, do you feel smarter being a tarot reader/collector/studier/artist? Do you think it does the body good?
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sleepingcat's Avatar
sleepingcat  sleepingcat is offline
Join Date: 25 Apr 2007
Location: Ohio, USA
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I think it does. I didnt think I could memorize something, but I taught myself all 78 esoteric meanings in just a few weeks. It made me feel good and encouraged me to work harder learning other things.

It's also making me more observant and better at relating ideas.

And this is just in less than 6 months!

I also found my intuition getting better. I have kitty senses now..... >.>;
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caridwen's Avatar
caridwen  caridwen is offline
Join Date: 13 Jan 2005
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It has forced me to study many subjects that I wouldn't have ordinarily I don't know if that makes you smarter or more intelligent though
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floracove's Avatar
floracove  floracove is offline
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Well, they do say that knowledge is power so, yeah, I do think it does contribute to our intelligence.
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BodhiSeed's Avatar
BodhiSeed  BodhiSeed is offline
Join Date: 14 Oct 2004
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I don't know that it makes me smarter, but I do think it gives the right side of my brain a good workout! I am constantly in the process of learning something, but I think tarot is a different kind of learning. Once you learn the basic meanings of the cards, then you stretch and bend those into deeper meanings, and see how the cards (in a spread) connect with each other. From there, you see how those connections and interconnections mesh with your life.

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Sinduction's Avatar
Sinduction  Sinduction is offline
Join Date: 28 Feb 2007
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Yes, because not only are we looking at how to read one card, we are learning and remembering the basic elements of 78!

Then we must put them all together into a coherent thought and voice it.

Sometimes I wonder why I work so hard....
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Gemini Rising  Gemini Rising is offline
Join Date: 09 Oct 2006
Location: Florida, USA
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Gemini Rising 

Absolutely! It teaches us a different way of thinking, and of course, gives our psychic muscles a good workout. I had little or no intuition before I started working on Tarot. Now I can tell easily whether people are telling the truth, how people feel, what actions to's quite amazing, really.
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coeur's Avatar
coeur  coeur is offline
Join Date: 19 May 2006
Location: Virginia, USA
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I believe tarot does have some benefits in that aspect. Tarot reading deals a lot with comparing, contrasting, analysis, and interpretation--it deals with connecting pieces of evidence together to form a story. I have found those involved in the liberal arts are better at interpretation as a beginner than those who are involved with the sciences; yet, I have also seen tarot work wonders for those who are initially weak at interpretation. I think it develops the part of the brain that infers.

Furthermore, I believe the study of tarot exposes us to a large range of disciplines--psychology, religious studies, philosophy, history, chemistry, etc. Tarot incorporates many fields of study.
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Grizabella's Avatar
Grizabella  Grizabella is offline
Card Reader/Fortune Teller
Join Date: 08 Jul 2004
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Tarot is an education and a motivation to it.

They say that with any muscle, if you don't use it you lose it and they say the same goes for the mind.

I have to sit a lot because of my disability, but my mind is extremely active and tarot certainly keeps it busy.

My "knowing" ability has most definitely expanded and that's due to tarot.

Being smarter is being more intelligent and I don't know that it does that, but it certainly makes you exercise the intelligence you already have. By exercising it you develop it further so yeah----you could probably say it makes you smarter.
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Water Lady's Avatar
Water Lady  Water Lady is offline
Join Date: 17 May 2007
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Water Lady 

Absolutely, college education was years ago but I am going through the same thing here. Reading endless books, trying to understand interpretation and then apply it.
This is not fluff reading, you have to understand it and apply it. then if your are going to also understand numerlogy and astrology and apply that in some way too.
This definately is giving my brain a work out and it is good.
I might also add this site as many of the different reading, games, will challenge you to add your interpretation which might be different and you have to think, am I right, should I consider that interpretation as well?
Thinking is smarter.
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