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Originally Posted by Knight of Wands
Ok everyone - I've made a thread - Here

I want to join and be sure to pair me with a beginner . Just kidding! I'm very excited to start the IDS I need things to prepare. Have fun Knight of Wands!
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Knight of Wands, I think your reading circle idea is a great one--I'm among the folks who don't quite feel ready to read for others yet, but maybe I'll jump in when the time is right
And I'm glad there are other writers here as well! I would join the April Fools forum, but I don't write prose--this study is having an excellent effect on my writing though, I can say that for sure. I think all the people taking on that challenge as well will find it very rewarding.
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Peter's IDS Pledge

I will only use my Liber T Tarot of Stars Eternal Deck between March 19 and June 22.

I will handle and look at each card in the deck every day during this period.

I will perform all my e-mail readings with the Liber T during this period.

I will draw daily from the deck and post at least 5 times a week to the daily draw forum.

I will participate in at least 2 reading exchanges within the IDS group.

I will only use non-deck specific books that focus on uses of the Tarot and not meanings for the cards. The only exceptions are books that will give me guidance on the symbolism used in the images.

I will not purchase any new or used decks during the IDS period.

I will journal at a minimum of weekly regarding my experiences. I wil also journal weekly concerning what I learn about the cards.

I will post weekly to the Tarot Studies forum what I learn about the individual cards.

I will support and encourage all my fellow IDSers!
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I Think everyone already have pledges so I make my own pledges too.

1. I will continue Journaling about my New Tarot.

2. I will by new notebook for this tarot and make a Journal.

3. I will always pick my daily card start on March 19.

4. I will participate all reading exchange whether I'm newbie or not. (Sorry if I will be your partner I'm not very good in using tarot yet!)

5. I will buy useful books to use it in IDS.

6. I will absent for 2 weeks in the IDS. (Sorry We will have a vacation next month so maybe I will be absent but I will do my best to cop up)

7. I will meet new friends in the IDS.

I think thats all I can pledge on IDS! Thanks for making this IDS. Suggestion how about make this IDS twice a year.
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Joining IDS

I was just thinking about doing this with my new deck and here I read this thread so I would like to join with Tarot of Dreams deck.

Pledge with TOD for IDS

1. Start Date: March 19th 2008
2. Finish Date: June 21st 2008
3. I will only use this deck for readings (including readings for others), study, journaling, idle flicking through, mindless shuffling, etc.
4. I will work with this deck daily.
5. I will journal with the deck at least once a day. And I will use the IDS group threads at Aeclectic to help motivate and encourage me to keep going.
6. I shall not buy or look at another deck during this time.
7. I shall sign on to AT at least once a week to do updates and or learn about things I am having problems with.

Thank You for this wonderful idea.
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Originally Posted by Knight of Wands
No-one likes my reading circle idea

I may just go cry like the KoC I am....
Knight of Wands, I like your reading circle idea.

I will join, but since I've picked my deck because it's the most difficult for me to read with, I have absolutely no idea how the readings will turn out...
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Originally Posted by Star-Willow
What a brilliant idea! I hope you don't mind my following suit..... what a great way to learn, get close to and understand more the deck your about to study intensively
Hi Star-Willow, please feel free to follow suit. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And since I got the idea from the notebooks that can be purchased with the re-release of the Alchemical Tarot, I can't claim the idea as being original.

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I have now made a set of rules for myself and here they are:
  1. I will start on the Spring Equinox (northern hemisphere) – March 19th
  2. And will keep it up at least until the Summer Solstice – June 21st
  3. The Steele Wizard is the only deck I will use, for readings, journaling, meditating, creative writing and visualisations.
  4. I will not look at other decks in these 3 months
  5. I will not buy or trade decks in these 3 months - with the exception of OOP and HTF decks I can get for a bargain (I should be so lucky)
  6. I am joining the IDS reading circle.
  7. I will do journaling and creative writing with the Steele Wizard at least two times a week (but hopefully more)
  8. I will keep an eye on this thread and other threads dealing with the IDS and join in the discussions and encouragement of the other IDS’ers (if I am in the position to encourage someone else )
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Ok Im In!

I have read thru the whole thread & decided that I'm in! & will use The Llewellyn Tarot!

I MysticalMoose pledge that:

I will use only The Llewellyn Tarot during the period of 19th March ~ 19th June (I am hoping to be able to stick to the 3month period!).

I will shuffle, handle, fondle & bond with my deck every day! & use only The Llewellyn for looking thru, playing about with, meditating & journalling.

I will perform all tarot readings with The Llewellyn during this period whether they are in person, by telephone, email or MSN

I will do daily draws & a weekly reading for myself with The Lewellyn as well as participating in the 1 & 2 card threads in Tarot Fun using my chosen deck.

I will try to participate in at least 2 reading exchanges within the IDS group.

I will allow myself to use the companion book for the Llewellyn as I feel it is important to know the stories associated with each card.

If I buy/trade/aquire any new decks during this period I will check them for completeness & then repack & store until the IDS is complete.

(I will continue however to use The Graven Images Oracle for those that request a reading with it as it is not Tarot & I have a very strong bond with it)

I will post weekly to the Tarot Studies forum what I learn about the individual cards.

I will support and encourage all my fellow IDSers!

Should be fun!!!

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I changed my avatar to match my IDS of the Thoth!!
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