02/12 Nine of Cups


Graham's booklet says: "Inhabitants of Water Cup Desert gather around a broken cup, but do not allow themselves to feel sad. Instead they view the situation as a minor setback; they know that life is for celebrating, not for lamenting their losses.
Divinitory Meaning: The Nine of Cups represents harmony and emotional stability.
Reverse Meaning: Too sentimental, superficial happiness."

All the cards I drew today have already been covered, but this card really speaks to me at this time and I would like to study it. Nine members of the Water Cup Desert are gathered in companionship. I think it is cool that one of the Two of Cups figures has disengaged from the intensity of a one on one encounter long enough to enjoy the company of the group. Their communal feeling of well being is nearly tangible, and it appears to easily overcome any negativity from the fact that a large cup has been broken. There are even smiles of amusement; an inside joke among the members, perhaps. Bundie, in the Six of Cups, was learning that one must learn to give love in order to receive it. Here, he seems to have come into the reward for his service, standing at the center and surrounded by friends. Perhaps he is reflecting on an earlier time (the RWS Five) when the broken cup would have been his primary focus. Now he feels fulfilled even in the face of loss, and can see the remaining cups spread out for all of them to share.

Kyrea Gold

maybe they broke that cup on purpose...like a plate when you wed.



I like that. That would explain the smiles as they all gaze at it; not an inside joke, but a shared symbolic action:)

Little Baron

I love this card! When I looki at it, it always seems a little different than the others. It looks as if they have all got together for a family photograph; The way that Bundie has his arm round the little brown guy with the sausage arms, the little bald one is cuddling onto the tall peirced guy. You can imagine them saying to the guy from the '2 of cups', "come on, gather round, you have to be in the photo as well!". I like the fact that Bundie looks like he is winking as well. It reminds me of those pictures in photobooths when friends all cram into the machine together; heads al squashed together.

The Sandtwitchers look a little oblivious to the whole thing; looking up at the others, wondering what it is that they are all doing.
In some cards in other decks, a smashed cup or overturned cup is shown as a negative thing but here, no negativity seems to exist. Maybe the Sandtwitchers smashed it (wouldn't put it passed them) and the others are saying to the confused little souls "don't worry, it's not the end of the world, we have each other!". That's what is important and is the message I get from this card.

Best wishes and look forward to different interpretations.