16/12 4 of Swords (Tate, Madam Lola's cat)


I didn't draw this card today; I drew happy, productive cards, which might be the best place to study this card from:) Quite a break from the RWS imagery, though the deck I began with, the Hudes, has a soldier "resting" behind a burm while the battle rages on the other side. To be able to learn to relax in the midst of a stressful situation seems such a valuable goal, perhaps the Playhouse Dungeon was designed by Madam Lola to do just that? I see his body chained and "bodyguarded" by the cat as enforcing Tate to concentrate on mental relaxation- ie: no vigorous, and distracting, physical activity, no drugs (and I include legal stimulants and depressents), no T.V, movies, books, etc. Just a crown with an Ace- the capacity to find calm and resolution within the mind. Once Tate has acheived that, I think the purpose of the Playhouse Dungeon will have been served and he will be released, able to find calm while moving freely within the chaos called everyday living.

Graham's booklet says: "Inside the Playhouse Dungeon is Tate. He is tied up, and in front of him is Madam Lola's sleeping cat. Tate sits anxiously, breathing slowly to relax, for Tate knows what will happen to him if Madam Lola's cat awakens.
Divinitory Meaning: The Four of Swords reminds us of how important it is to relax in order to overcome our state of anxiety.
Reverse Meaning: Stress, tension."

Little Baron

I very much like tjis depiction of the '4 of swords'. When I am stressed, like I have been recently, this is the attitude I try to adopt. Last week, before assessment, it was 7am. I hadn't been to bed all night and was still sitting at my sewing machine putting together a top for the next day. As I sat there and the machine needle broke for about the 3rd time, I knew I had parts of other garments to make and work on my portfolio to do. I tried to resist the urge to get stressed or upset about the situation, knowing that I could only do what I could and that stressing or getting anxious would not help the situation in any way. I took myself away from the machine, made a coffee and had a cigarette for five minutes before I carried on. This was my way of sitting back, like Tate, taking a deep breath and forcing myself to relax and put any worries from my mind.
Whenever I look at Tate, I always wonder what he is fearing since Madamme Lola's cat is a little on the scrawny side and I can't imagine him being much of a threat to Tate. Maybe it is just in his mind. Maybe what he thinks is more of a worry than what is actually in reality. In comparison, the cat is doing the exact opposite and looks very relaxed.

Any thoughts?



4 of swords

This card reminds me of when I lost my job last June. I was forced by circumstances to live life a different way. ( The chains on Tate's arms.) To relax, abandon the work place mentality and focus on creating a more simplified life.

That is hard after 14 years of working at the same place. But I spent much time in my garden sitting and thinking. What do I really want?

The cat represents to me the fear I felt about the future. Will we be able to make it financially? Will we be living in a paper box in the ditch. The unpredictability of the whole thing (what will happen if the cat wakes up?)

That cat looked like a lion to me at that time. Now after 7 months of doing just fine, I see her as just a sleepy little kitty.

Another thing, I'm exercising because I don't want my body to take on the same shape as Tates. With all this computer sitting I'm doing. :)