20/11 Page of Cups, Zeb


Graham's booklet says: "This is Zeb, the Page of Cups. He feels comfortable an safe only around people he knows. Zeb needs to grow emotionally and to do so he must meet and become open to new people. He blindfolds himself so as to avoid judging his visitors.
Divinitory Meaning: Zeb demonstrates how important it is to give everyone a chance.
Reverse Meaning: Insecure, withdrawn."

Big feelers, covered eyes, small nose and ears. Zeb certainly looks tuned into the vibes that are beyond the grasp of the senses; the personality beyond the appearance, the meaning underlying the words. I like the big heart cup pushed forward in welcome. Zeb looks ready to spend time over a cuppa and really listen, and the artist's palette at his throat chakra seems to indicate he may also be an artful speaker. The little person suspended from his finger is interesting. Does it represent how Zeb sees himself- small and vulnerable, but willing to put himself "out there" and "suspend" judgement?


I cannot express forcefully enough how much I wish U.S. Games would commission Mr. Cameron to write a full-size book to accompany this deck.

I have the book Tarot for self discovery and I have yet to do any exercises in it yet. It's been on my shelf for a while. I just got it down yesterday and once again went through a mental inventory of my decks trying to picture doing some of the exercises... I just couldn't get excited until my mind finally reminded of PTT... I was SOOO happy - I can't wait wait to work on some of those exercises with this deck.

I can totally picture a full-size book with example tarot readings, spreads, exercises, and even fictional stories for the characters based on spreads. I would love to read more about the symbolism in all the cards from Mr. Cameron's perspective SO MUCH. Why, oh why, couldn't Llewellyn have picked up the rights to this deck.

Anyway, I like how the feelers stay with the cups theme, but the blindfold represents the immaturity of the page.. he feels, he receives impressions, but he doesn't filter them very well yet. He has to learn still, but the only way he can learn is to expose himself to new experiences. Try and fail. Be made uncomfortable.

I don't really understand the little puppet... but the puppet master would be a symbol of control, right? I think the palette around his neck looks a bit tight/constrictive. Perhaps these items are reinforcing the symbolism of the blindfold... He is trying very hard to stay in control...

I don't know what the page of cup typically means...I'm not trying to be confusing - I am very new to interrepting cards on my own without a book (I love how this deck encourages you to use your own intuition)....

But I think about how scary it is to "put yourself out there" - emotionally or otherwise. It is not fun to try new things - you have to relinquish power/control. My son wants to give up the first time he tries something and doesn't get it. But the only way you become the "King" is by making mistakes and continuing to try. Making yourself vulnerable... taking off the blindfold and putting down the puppet. Not hiding behind your own definition of who you are (the palette maybe?) but being willing to see yourself reflected through the lense of others, even if it isn't pleasant.

Does that have anything to do with the page?