13/11 Four of Coins, Candy


Graham's booklet says: "Candy is a successful writer who has sold a great number of books. She has now accumulated enough financial gain to relax. Candy feels secure on the material level because her profession is profitable.
Divinitory Meaning: The Four of Coins represents a time of stability resulting from hard work.
Reverse Meaning: Greed, fear of failure, loss of wealth."

One of the first things that struck me about this card were the pink walls. They reminded me of a once upsent stomach (all those bills!) being soothed by Pepto Bismol (ahhh, regular money coming in). If the mouse is a customer who is complimenting her on her work, her face/body language seem to indicate she hasn't lost the thrill of having her work appreciated, and that his praise is surely payment as valuable as that on the table.
I drew this in the soul card position (I generally do a soul/mind/body 3 card daily spread), and that makes me think that she has another, a "soul" type of wealth- the ability to feel content with a comfortable living and not to always be after the "more that is never enough".


4 of coins

This is my favorite card in the deck. This is the card I identify with the most. And this is the first time I've posted in this thread. So thank you to spirit, and galadrial for picking it.
Candy has a sense of contentment about her, the way she has her little hands folded in her lap and her little foot is swinging back and forth. She's safe and secure in her little pink house with inspiring work to do and people around her who appreciate her work. This is such a nice way to see the 4 of coins. Fours to me should be about stability not greed.
The shelves with all her books and the sunny yellow window makes the room look cozy and homey. There's also a sense of self esteem in Candy that comes from her ability to provide for yourself, and a job well done. Great card.


I LOVE this card. I want to be her. An artisan who is satisfied and fulfilled in their craft - appreciated by others. It is a lovely aspiration.