21/10 The Tower


I didn't draw this card today, but it is my card for this month, and it's energy has definately been felt.
The tower being blasted is much larger and more colorful that his counterpart (assuming this is a chessboard and they are rooks). He also has a face and a doorway. Did he presume to be more that just your average rook? Did he begin to will his own moves, only to find that by forcing his own way against the will of the Player he assumed accountability for disrupting the overall strategy? He is big, but not big enough to see the whole board. He would be unable to grasp the full consequences of his actions on the progression of the game. His doorway seems to invite others in, as though he were strong enough to offer shelter to others he presumed weaker. But his strength was false and his precipitate actions reckless. He has cracked open along his "fault" lines.
On the plus side, the bolt does not look as though it is harming anything more than his pride (the crown knocked off). After passing through his head, it passes around the crown and grounds itself. The tower looks very thoughtful, and somewhat unsure of himself, but is probably ready to look kindlier upon the plain rook at his side. He may now even notice that, though not big or colorful, that rook looks as though he's seen a few games and knows how to survive. Though a tad battered, he maintains his purpose and identity whether on the board or off; he knows the game can't be played without him.