14/10 The Star


I drew the Star today, and I am indeed feeling "up" and hopeful.

I like the background greens; they seem to imply creative fertility. And the waves are breaking the starlight into rainbows- the bridges between spiritual inspiration and creative acts. On the block stands one of Graham's simpler looking people; she is said in the book to hold great inner strength. Since black absorbs the full spectrum, I see her strength as coming from being under the big, benign Star and absorbing it's energy. She then pours her small portion into the ocean, but it is so concentrated that it has the power to cause positive affects even when diluted.

Graham's booklet says: "Out steps the star of the show from her dressing room, quenching our thirst.
We are all stars, we all come from the same heavens; it is only that time spent here in Phantasmagoric Theater has distracted some of us, we have all evolved differently. A young woman is seen pouring nourishing and regenerative water from a vessel into the great ocean of life. She holds a great inner strength and provides harmony, balance and creativity. A certificate floats upon the ocean symbolizing great achievements. The Star gathers us together to share our knowledge. Everyone is an important part of this great stage of the universal theater. The Star brings peace of mind and tranquility. Things will go well for us in the future. The storm has passed.
Divinitory Meaning: Unconventionality, inspiration, revolutionary ideas, dreams coming true.
Reverse Meaning: Narrow-minded, lack of self-confindence."