07/10 King of Cups (Fabian)


I drew three cards we have already covered today, so I chose Fabian from Molly's draw to cover.

Unlike so many of Graham's characters, I was struck by how symmetrical his face is. Only the little heart is on one side and not the other as though, were he to err, he would err on the side of mercy. His large cranial capacity and strong jaw make him look capable of serious thought, and direct action once he has made up his mind. The red shirt, hearts and number 69 show his passionate nature. His hands are in a meditative posture and, as Melvis pointed out, form and upside down heart. He is capable of considering the reversals of all the cup cards. But the hands are over his own heart, as though he considers all things in his heart as well as his head, or perhaps he takes things to heart (not in an easily wounded, overly sensitive way, since he is a King, but in the manner of being compassionate and able to identify with another's pain). As I mentioned, I see his hair and mustache as feelers (kind of like Samson's hair was his strength). Fabian is sensitive to the emotional vibes around him, and puposefully seeks input before commiting his heart to a person or action. The hearts on the die make me think of sayings like "love conquers all", ie: the hearts have overruled the numbers, or "the heart of the problem is usually a problem of the heart", ie: in relationships, numbers (cold reality) aren't as important as our emotional commitment and response.

Graham's booklet says: "Before us sits Fabian, the King. He is an emotionally mature and charming man, content with everything he does. He knows when to give and when to receive. Fabian is stable, yet eccentric and creative.
Divinitory Meaning: Fabian represents stability and helps us to move without attachment.
Reverse Meaning: Overly emotional and sentimental, becoming upset when somebody doesn't love us as much as we wish."


Like what you say about him...you see totally different symbols..

I always notice his rather large and curly mustache. It makes me think of some kind of charmer.He must me very vain...this mustach must take him at leats an hour every morning to model it just right. And he has earings and al those lovely little hearts.
For me its a man with some feminine qualities. he is in touch with his femine site and this makes him stronger and more in balans. His is not affraid to show his femininity like some man are.