3 is the magic number


Its getting rather lively on the Faery Forum again! Yay! I have a little question for y'all and your faeries.

What spread do you use with the fae ?

I enjoy the freestyling 'faery style' spreads. (expanding wildly into large, swirling patterns all across the table onto the floor-messy- but they will have their own way at times won't they??)

I also enjoy picking one Faery and hearing the message loud and clear.

But my most beloved spread is the plain, simple ducksinarow 3 card spread. I love '3', the magic number. three bears, three sisters in a fairytale, three WYRD sisters, the triple goddess, three wishes...

I love jessicas examples in the book:

Jessicas examples (condensed down!!)-

1.past / 2.present /3.future

1.here and now / 2.the bridge to cross /3.where I want to be

1.what I want (chosen faceup)/2. my greatest challenge/ 3.the first step to overcome the challenge

1.body / 2. mind / 3. spirit (how an issue affects the 3 aspects of the self)

1. work / 2. play/ 3. people (advice for daily focus on the 3 issues)

1. what is important? / 2. what am I missing/ 3. What should I do?

Does anyone have their own 'magic 3' card spreads?


I've had a chat with my Faeries and here are the 3 spreads we...well, they came up with. A trifle strange, but thats the Fae for you.

(i)The Three Fae Virtues. Pick 3 cards, these are the 3 virtes the Fae advise you to adopt.

(Huh? I asked, do you mean Faith Hope and Charity? Nope. The Fae have other ideas. Basically the 3 cards I picked depicted 3 very fae 'virtues'- NOT human ones!- for me to take on board. Warning. Can be a tad surprising. Who knew 'Muddiness' was a virtue? 'Foot hygeine' is a virtue I defintely appreciate. As is 'cheekiness'!)

(ii) The Three Bears' Porridge (when seeking balance in an issue)

1. Too hot! The faery that represents my tendency to be too enthusiastic, talkative, angry, or whatever. Just what I'm doing that is 'too much' and need to lay off for a bit.

2. Too cold! The faery that represents my being, say, too lazy, inactive, apathetic etc. Something that I'm not doing enough of and need to improve on.

3. Just right- the balance I should be aiming for. aaah, babybear..

(iii) The Three Fae Musketeers-(when meeting a challenge)

Pick 3 cards. These are the three fae that stand by your side to help you in the challenge! They represent qualities you will be able to take on board.


Greenbeans, thanks for sharing. I love the Three Muskateers spread. You suggest that to Marion for the next round of Faerie Seekers! (not the March 10 round but the next one).

Personally up until I started doing the Faerie Seeker rounds I pretty much just did daily draws with my faeries. I would also include any faeries that popped out of the deck. Now I simply use the Spread of the Seekers round. I am really enjoying doing detailed readings with them. They are all a-buzz with the all the readings I have been doing.

The other thing I use them for a lot is as a "Guide" for my Faerie Ring readings. They set the context for the FR reading so actually have quite a big role.


thanks jewel!

its so interesting how you use them to guide you with the FRO! I love that deck but see it as more 'studious' (it helps me learn about folklore etc) and less playful and personal than the faeries' oracle. Does picking a 'guide' make the FRO friendlier for readings?

muskateers was a 'faery thought'- I just had a vision of three serious faced fae in a circle, the little voices chanting- 'all for one and one for all!'



oooh, I like these. Maybe in the next round of Faery Seekers we could offer a selection of these 'three-carders' as spreads to participants. :)

I love the 'three Fae virtues' idea, and am going to try that. hahaha, definitely suspect I will not draw Faith-Hope-Charity!!!



greenbeans said:
its so interesting how you use them to guide you with the FRO! I love that deck but see it as more 'studious' (it helps me learn about folklore etc) and less playful and personal than the faeries' oracle. Does picking a 'guide' make the FRO friendlier for readings?

I am not sure if friendlier is the right word as the FR is really just a deck of cards, it does not have the personality of the Froud Faeries that is for sure. My Froud Faeries were the ones that insisted that I purchase the FR for them, and they are the ones that tought me how to do this. It is their version of how the FR should be read *LOL*. Faeries with their own deck, you gotta love it :D

What the Faerie Guide card does is expand on the context. It is an interesting system, and works very well, but it is very time consuming and you can easily end up with writters cramp *LOL*. What you do is select a FR spread, deal it (using reversals), then draw a Faerie Guide card from the FO. Then you interpret your FR cards one by one using the book, and using your Faerie Guide to add context to each card in relation to the question. Some cards it will have nothing to add, others it will have quite a bit of influence. Then you read everything you wrote for each FR card, take your Faerie Guide card and summarize the entire reading. Once you can get past the idea that the FR is only a deck of cards and about as intuitive as a door nail, apply your Faerie Guide card, you end up with a very deep and good reading.

Faunabay and Geministar also use this system now, and soon Mystical Moose will also know how it works and may end up using it as well. If you want to explore this system I am sure that one of us will make the time to work a spread with you so you can see it in action. That is the best way to learn it.