5 of diamonds heart shaped playing card....


SO yesterday there were some storms blowing in and we had a full house a friend of hers and her 4 year old son over...and I had the headache from hell. When I dont feel good, I like to curl up and in, and try to hide from everyone, which is very hard to do in a house full of people! For some strange reason this draws people instead of repelling them. Well, I finally decided to go through my purse and fine my kindle, thinking I could at least get some reading done, when lo and behold, on the floor, partially hidden...was a bear shaped playing card. And when I turned it over? The 5 of diamonds...now, I am one of those strange people that dont read playing cards the normal way, and has it all mixed up...to me, Diamonds are wands and represent air, where as Spades are coins and Clubs are swords...I've tried reading them the way the books say, but I just can't...you could say I was stuborn, and you would be 100 percent correct. Well, to me, it was the 5 of wands, which showed that yes, I was struggling mentally. I was like...whoa! I've got to share it with you guys! It also helped lift my spirits as well, so that I was slightly less a nut for the rest of the night and a little more social, untill that poor child kept wacking me upside the head with a beach ball...I plan on posting a pic of that card lator, front and back so you can all see the cute little bear that it is...


;) There's no such thing as a "normal" way to associate suits/elements for playing cards.
I don't use them with an equivalent meaning to tarot.

My preferred element associations are based on Iain McLaren-Owens' work.
:heart: fire
:club: earth
:diamond: air
:spade: water


That's a pretty neat method!