8 of swords - druidcraft tarot


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I'd like any of you to describe the card the 8 of swords as I see it hasen't been discussed yet! I'm the one who's blind and have received the deck as a birthday present (am 21 now). I can't interpret what's on the cards unless I know the description of them!
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Oh any and all is much appreciated!!


8 of Swords

On top of a grassy hill, a red haired lady in a blue dress stands blindfolded. Her arms and hands are bound and tied behind her back. In front of her five swords stand upright sticking out of the ground; behind her are three swords also sticking out of the ground. She does not appear to be struggling to free herself from these bonds. Moving forward actually has the potential to cause her more pain than dealing with what is behind her. For this reason, she almost seems content to stay exactly where she is. She is a prisoner in her own mind.

crazy raven

Hi Veronica,

I'm just going through these cards at random and enjoying immensely the beautiful rich colors. The Eight of Swords is no exception. The picture reveals a woman blindfolded, hands tied back, with red hair, wearing a beautiful long sapphire dress. Eight ice blue swords with different handles surround her. There is a forest in the backfround and the grass upon which she stands barefoot is speckled with dark and light green.

In the Druid Craft book it states.....
You may be feeling caught or trapped in a situation, as if you are the victim of cirumstances, or another person, and you could be experiencing confusion, fear and loneliness as a result. Remember, though, that the number eight signifies completion and manifestation, and that Swords signify the power of the mind. There is the potential for completion, and therefore an ending of the situation, that the way this can be achieved lies in the correct use of the Mind.

Now I agree that 8 signifies completion and manifestation BUT in the beginning, it can represent opposition. Others could oppose you who think you may be aiming too high or feel insecure about your ambitions. Or you may even doubt how to manifest your desires. OR you could feel the pull of the number 8 energy but unable to know or understand what you want to accomplish.

The ice blue swords surrounding the maiden and piercing the green grass look as cold as ice...temporarily holding us back. They could represent selfish, spiteful, moody people and the woman has blindfolded herself so as not to be under their influence. They could represent the bonds we've created around ourselves...making us afraid to take that first step. Her hands tied behind her back could represnt traditional belief systems and being influenced by society and our perceptions of the past, so much so we cannot see the future or our spiritual essence.

Some tarot cards can show the maiden in the center looking introverted and withdrawn, lacking confidence to make changes or even take action. But I see the Druid Craft a bit different....if you look the girl is smiling.

The girl is blind-folded with her hands tied to her back, possibly to force herself to hear spirit and discover creative solutions. What seems to agree with this is her sapphire gown that slowly changes to a indigo color. Both of these colors calm our dizzying thoughts and relax the mind. In that calmness we are able to listen to whispers in the language of spirit, telling us something we need to know about our current situation. Allow the intelligence of these words to flow gently inside your inner core, breathing through you and expressing themselves to you. Feel them surrounding you, they will support and guide you when you encounter obstacles and forks in the road. .

Remember what others have said who inspire and build confidence in you. Communications like this gives you peace over anything you come across in life. The energies of this card say the challenge you're facing needs to merge with the energy of the solution. Allow your spiritual intent to vibrate at a new level. As you change more of this will come into view...you may experience revelations but remember there's no turning back...you can't go backwards only forward.

The color blue creates empathy and compassion. Indigo creates deeper seeing and feelings...it is the color of service to humanity, of devotion. Devotion is a combination of wisdom and justice. Indigo removes fear...aspires to higher thoughts towards a spiritual atmosphere.