druidcraft tarot, 8 of cups


Hi to all,
I'd appreciate the description on the 8 of cups in the druidcraft tarot! I can't interpret them as I don't know what is on this card, but would be willing to learn what symbolic elements/details are portraied in this card.
Much help is welcome from the comunity and lovers of DC.
All the best,

crazy raven

Hi Veronica

In the Eight of cups, clouds with colorful hues of blue and purple form a great circle around an eclipse of the sun and moon. Below we see a lone hooded figure with staff, dressed in blue and ruddy red leaving behind 8 cups on a ledge to higher ground (mountain). The path he’s on is illuminated in a goldish tan color. A fast current brook tumbles down the rocky mountain, rushing around and past the 8 cups. Just stepping into this card for a moment it’s as if the rock and ground around me are vibrating underfoot. The brook’s current moves down as I move up...feels as if it’s purposely slowing me down, so I can stay grounded and focused as I climb up one step at a time.

The eclipse was the first thing that caught my eye. In astrology the sun and moon are usually in conflict with one another and in our daily lives we find ourselves jumping back and forth from one to the other. But an eclipse forces these two polarities (body/spirit, yin/yang) together which if not balanced creates friction and strife. The golden path the person is on could represent purification and unification which is achieved through the mind and symbolized by the staff (Hermes/Mercury) he’s holding.

In alchemy ‘solve et coagula’ is said to be the process of dissolving (Moon) in order to coagulate (Sun) to reveal one’s pure spirit. But to do this we need to first free ourselves from social limitations, old programming and false beliefs. These could even apply to material attachments.

So to cut this short an eclipse symbolizes change and transformation. Sometimes its energy can shock the heck out of us forcing us to see what’s been stopping us from discovering our own creative individuality.

The person’s lower ruddy red garment in the card could indicate fear as he moves out of his comfort zone to the unknown. Blue, the person's cloak, is a highly electric color (5th chakra) that stimulates the pineal gland, firms the etheric body and strengthens the body’s nervous system. It relaxes and pulls you together when you feel unstrung. The blue/purple or indigo sky helps to calm our fears and aspires us to higher thoughts and towards a spiritual atmosphere.

To break out of any pattern or habit, to change or grow, requires us to leave the past and step into the unknown.