9 of cups reversed an unvitation


I pulled this card this morning. I pull three a day usually.

Im using Druid Craft

The 9 of cups reversed has a better understanding for me now. Its taken me quite some time to get it.
This morning I got a invitation to a lunch with some other lady I am aquainted with.

However, the invitation was send by a woman I have found very hard to understand at time.
When I first met her she said that I was the only one out of the group that she had ever taken to her house. That was suppose to be nice I think I guess. Maybe.
Anyway, That day she also said "I keep my enemies up close to me and keep strokinghtier ego"
I was very frieghtened by this. I felt like I needed to protect myself.
But now that a considerable amout of time has passed. I try to understand that her statemenr was about herself. And not so much me.
It seemed to me that she felt threatened in some way. I still am not sure exactly what it is, but have a good idea.

Like I said. This morning I got a card that invited me to lunch. But I felt more like it was an Unvitation.
She likes to look like she is sacrificing herself alot to other. And indeed she does. But I think resents it alot.

The 9 of cups reverse makes me feels like her invitation was for herself. So that she looks like she is doing a good thing infront of theother. leaving herself appearing like a martyr when I decline.

I really like the other ladies. But being around this woman is very hard.
I think the only thing I can do is confront her.
Set myself free.

9 of cups reversed An unvitation

anyway. just wanted to add to this thread.