Fferylt at Beltane?


My apologies if this has been dicussed already but im confused.
Usually the Temperance card is associated with Imbolc which makes total sense to me. Likewise, The goddess Brigit is usually associated with the Temperance card and Imbolc.
So why then, is the Fferylt in Druidcraft associated with Beltane? This makes no sense to me, especially as its creators are Druid and in Druidry Brigit is definately associated with Imbolc. Any thoughts?
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In another forum it was suggested that Brigit, being a fire goddess and fertilitiy goddess would definately relate to beltane. This certainly makes some sense to me. Still not sure why the creators havnt stayed in keeping with the brigit/imbolc thing though, like what would have made them decide to substitute beltane instead. Good ideas above though, they have helped me understand this decision a bit more.
Any other thoughts on this?


The DruidCraft site says...
"Likewise with Temperance, which we have changed to The Fferyllt to reflect the alchemical nature of the card,"
don't knnow if that helps at all? I'll have a read of the book as well, and see what springs to mind.
I do love this deck



I guess it just goes to show the universal nature of Tarot.
I love the way you can move cards around, and find relationships between the cards and all manner of things. Tarot is not set in stone, and each card can be used to represent a myriad of themes and perspectives.
I love this the best about Tarot, there is always something new to think about. :)


PathWalker said:
The DruidCraft site says...

Can you post link please? I found the link thanks anyway...I think I will need that link after all link from the book doesn't work....