druidcraft tarot users, had this happen?


Hi to all,
Well I'm using the druidcraft tarot. I've been doing some 15 card general readings. The last reading I did today so far, was showing people going to the bank, and the UK or ireland! Has this ever happened to you? Anyway let me know - as I've found this deck gives spacific detals at times! How about all of you who use this tarot deck?
Would appreciate hearingyour experiences!
All the best,

Miss travel

most amazing deck so far !

Hi Veronica,

I'm just starting to use this deck, and I find it already very surprising to say the least. I did a first spread (which I have posted here on AT) to see what I could learn from this deck and it really was impressive on how this deck was speaking to me right from the bat.

Then, I did a second reading consisting in a 3 cards layout.
I just asked the deck to tell me something, in order to learn from it.
here is it : (I am not in the reading section of the site, so I hope it is ok if I post it here)

the reading was done in the morning :
2 of wands Reversed - 7 of wands reversed - Cernunnos reversed
first, I wouldn't know what to make of it as I jotted down all ideas in my reading diary. Especially because all of the cards were reversed, it seemed to speak of a very difficult situation. I kept looking in the book that came along with the deck.
right from my diary :
2 of wands Reversed : a released tension which could be considered as a miracle, a sudden change and most of the time a happy one. A decision is taken which resolves a long period of tension.(according to the book).
the cards shows the outline of a character on a mountain.
7 of wands reversed : someone who's not having the upper hand, standing his/her ground fighting people one cannot see in the cards, but who are menacing and threatening.
Cernunnos reversed : someone trapped in a difficult situation (looking at the other cards, not a love relationship to me), abuse of power and reversed along with the other cards it was speaking of release from these bounds ....

Now, before you read any further : does THAT speak to you ?

Now, in the evening, in front of my TV, I had one of those *WOW* moment :
I still could not interpret the spread which I was still looking at, I always do that when watching tv : looking at my cards and studying. lol.
But in the middle of the movie I was watching, there was a news special written all over it.

Ingrid Betancourt has been released from being hostage in the Amazonian Forest where she was kept prisoner for 6 years.
And to add to my stupefaction, the person next to me quipped : oh, you know they put her portrait at the top of the mount Everest ?

So, THAT was the character in the 2 of Wands reversed : her portrait ....
the menacing people, the fighting to get free, the bound, all these trees and forest from the cards and the liberation it all became clear. I felt like I had been hit on my head with the whole deck for not understanding beforehand.
Remember Alice when she has all of these cards flying around her ?
I am definitely going to keep reading with that amazing deck.




Love this deck! My top favorite.

Sometimes I even try to cheat myself and re-ask a question if I don't like the answer. Wouldn't you know it? The deck throws out the same card at me again!



This deck is amazing, I just love it. It is very magickal in my opinion!
Each card is like a portal . I have never instantly felt this connected to a deck ever. My husband had purchased the deck for himself originally. But it just called to me. He eventually just gave the deck to me. I just recently ordered my own, and gave him back his orignial deck, so that he can enjoy it too :)


I got the druidcraft deck on friday and cant say i am bonding with it at all. Just doesnt seem to want to get to know each other...

Dancing Bear

I use this deck all the time..
I agree it is like a portal,, it brings me visons..
I can relate to Druidism in a big way.. so this deck for me is right up my alley..
each card has a different meaning every time.
I cannot stick to the book meanings with this deck.. it just doesnt allow me..
I go with the flow and allow whatever comes, come.. and it is almost always pretty much spot on. sometimes cryptic.

This deck Triggers my own abilities that give me insight and vision.
Brilliant deck!!

Need a new one now, my trusty faithful is so worn, the images are statring to wear off LOL!! But you know.. until this deck is completley unreadable.. i cant seem to give it up..it would be like a betrayal of an unspeakable kind LOL!!
I trimmed mine!! Best thing i ever did :D


I also find this deck extremely accurate. I'm not Druid or Wiccan, and I still regret the large size, but I love my DruidCraft Tarot nonetheless. And yes, details, that is what I find so amazing.

Dancing Bear

littlestar said:
I got the druidcraft deck on friday and cant say i am bonding with it at all. Just doesnt seem to want to get to know each other...

I hope you do eventually bond.. It is a lovely deck to read with :)


Dancing Bear (sorry I don't know how to quote yet on here)

You are so right, book meanings are out the window with this deck, meanings change with each reading. This deck is right up my alley as well, I am Wiccan.

Sometimes when I am shuffling a pile of cards will fall out, and I will just read them. Sure enough, they are the cards that were meant to be read!

My hubby trimmed his deck. I like my deck as is, but I do want to try and put a gold trim on the outer part of the cards.


As Dancing bear said, try trimming them. They do look very stunning trimmed.