Meaning of Wheel reversed Druid Craft


Hi everyone

Today I pulled my daily three cards. I am using DruidCraft Tarot.
Today one of my cards was the Wheel reversed.
I have got this card before and dont quite get it. Unless it means delay.
I have the card here beside me and am looking at it unsidedown. The lady seems to me having a hard time completeing the circle. May even be thinking about changing her mind. Or cant seem to complete the circle.

Its sort of the way I feel today. I read in the study group how the wheel in the druidcraft is of her own doing. I took this that she decided to make the change. I am not sure about that. The wheel I always thought happens on its own in time. Or when you dont expect it.

The wheel was also compared to the death card which I thought was interesting since that was my other card. Death upright. But we`ll stick with the wheel for now. I usually feel Death. But havent today either. But the day isnt over.

Anyway this thread is about the Wheel reversed

Any thoughts?



I always think of the woman drawing a protective circle around herself, that isn't quite completed. So maybe if it's reversed, it might mean opening yourself up, not confine yourself inside a barrier or... paint yourself into a corner.

Since the circle is drawn in sand, it is a temporary thing, the tides will come in and erase it... so reversed is the tide may have come in and washed it away, that what has been done is now undone.

Just some thoughts.


It's a witch's circle - some Druids use it too. Normally, it is done clockwise (in the Northern hemisphere), and it is inviting and positive.

So I read this card reversed as her drawing an anti-clockwise circle, which is known as a banishing circle: it is protective and it is meant to repel (bad energies, people, entitities, etc.). In a reading, I see this card as drawing a protective circle around yourself to banish any negativity that might be affecting your life: you might still feel some of the effects of the negativity, but very muted. By extension, it refers to the negative turn of events that can affect anyone (since that is the reason for a banishing circle).


I didn't know that! That explanation makes more sense.


Hi Fudugazi and WalesWoman

I did look at the card upright as protection inside the wheel. That is what I got visually.

Taking what you have posted. Then protecting myself “for now” while change is taking place.
That would make sense for what happened a few days ago when I received the card upright.
I feltit was like a negative/hurt change – But this change may have potential for positive change in time. “The tides change”

Your interpretation fits for the two of days that I got the card in a daily pull in the reversed position.
I said goodbye to a couple of people that felt to me (at this time and maybe forever) to be holding me back in a negative way.
Not sure if this second thought is related to the card or not. But I also burnt sage in my home. I go around to each room and always go counterclockwise. It feels better to go that way then clock wise. Not sure it matters.

Thank you for taking the time to post. I really couldn’t get it. But it makes sense now.


What were the other cards? That might help to put that reading's meaning of the Wheel in reverse into perspective. Personally whenever I do a reading, the cards usually mean some different than in previous readings, based on the feeling I get from the cards and of course the other cards that show up in the reading as well. It can mean so many things that would likely be based on your personal symbolism.


Hi Shaammara

It was not a reading I did. It was one of a couple of cards that I pull daily.
I pulled the Wheel reversed a couple days in a row and needed some insights from the forum as to what it might have meant.

Also reading what other thought about it upright was nice too.