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Hi All

I recently purchased the Druidcraft and LOVE It! I plan on jumping in here

But I had a general comment to make on the Druidcraft. I have noticed all the people depicted in the cards have really large feet. Anyone else noticed this?


LOL Free Flight... this study group definately needs a jolt again. I don't think anyone has NOT noticed or had some comment on the size of feet. Not everyone in the deck has big feet... so it's still remains a mystery yet to be figured out satisfactorily.

Free Flight


I was thinking about this last night and I think that it could be because the figures with the big feet are meant to be grounded? I will have a look specifically which have the large feet and see ....



That goes :) Most druidly types go around barefoot most of the time hehe.
Feet are like our tree roots, they are our base, but also they can soak up the energies of the Earth and draw them into ourselves.
It reminds me of the down to earth, practical, very Earthy and connected energy of the Hobbit.
Its good to see that Bill Worthington had a more realistic view of feet! Feet are very important, just ask Ffaff the ffooter (if you dont have the Faeries Oracle that makes no sense lol).

A few ramblings

Free Flight

Me again :)

The Lady has middle sized feet - very grounded card
Justice has enormous feet - decisions weighing heavily?
4 Pentacles
Princess of Wands
King of Swords
3 Pentacles


lol.....i received my druidcraft deck today and the first thing that struck as odd were the large feet! :D


I received my DruidCraft yesterday -and I´m in LOVE with it <3
I have been giving it a trimming and now the colours really pop out. Besides the size of the cards is better after cutting away the white edges.

Apart from big feet, some also have very big hands! Just look at the 3 of Cups (the green guy), King of Pentacles, Death,the Lord, The Lady..


inanna_tarot said:
That goes :) Most druidly types go around barefoot most of the time hehe.

A few ramblings

All the more reason for me to love this deck. I must be a Druidly type, too ;)


Sometimes the feet are very distracting to me - and there has to be a reason the deck was drawn that way.