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I really like this King of Pentacles.

He's wealthy looking - all that caution and careful planning as the Knight has paid off - just look at him now.

He's richly dressed, no tatty robes for him. He looks very successful, definately King of the Castle.

He has holly around the top of his throne, reminding us that his season is winter, not sure of the Druidic meaning of holly - I'm sure someone can help out. The robin reminds us of the season too. The robin is a very hardy little bird, it sticks around in the UK when all the other little song-birds have flown south to warmer climates.

He's barefoot despite his rich clothing, suggesting to me that he's well grounded and remains in touch with reality and with real things despite his wealth and success in the material world.

This card feels warm, the fire in the background and the boars head (a feast) in the background make sure of that.

Capricorn the goat is carved into his throne - not that well up on astrology but I know that when I think of goats I think of sure-footedness, taking one step at a time - I'm sure this applies to the whole of the Pentacle family.

He looks comfortable, self assured and very noble - he's worked hard to get where he is, he's making sure he enjoys the fruits of his labours.

Looking forward to your thoughts :)


Sulis xx


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No flimsy flannels for this King. He sits casually on his throne, His lap draped in layers of velvet. He is a strong-bodied man, the way he carries himself in the weight of those robes shows that. I'm pretty sure this earthy king has nothing under those robes.

I like the way he sits in the center of his throne. The pentagram carved into the throne sits balanced on the yoke of his shoulders. He sits positioned so the top point seems to be jutting out of his crown chakra. This shows how he is grounded right through the soles of his feet. I often have to use a barefoot grounding technique that goes all the way from the top of my head to the molten lava of the earth's core.

Thinking as an American. Rather than seeing the boar, I saw a pig. Not only with an apple in it's mouth for a feast. Also as pig-headed. Pentacle men have that tendency. And having tried to drag a goat back into it's pen, Capricorn's are stubborn goats.


Hmmmmm I didn't look close enough. I thought the bird shown was a wren, but you're right it does look more like a robin.

But anyway in the Green Man Tree Oracle (done by the same artist) holly means "The release of energy fuels every action. Since holly burns fiercest and hottest of all the woods, it creates a passionate fire. We need to find a way to temper our passions and channel them into useful action. This is the way of peaceful warriors, who use their skills and strength to combat negative acts rather than inciting them."

I'm going to try and jump in here every once in a while. I just got this deck and love it. But I'm not too good a keeping up with study groups. LOL

This king looks very calm and composed. He's been through enough that he knows how things usually will fall out so he's very secure with himself and what happens around him. He has a sheild behind him by the fire, which I'm sure he's used but has gotten past the need to fight. He now has the home fires going and looks to be about ready to have a feast of roast pig. :) But going further, if you look at the animal meaning of the meal (pig/boar - from the Druid Animal Oracle, again done by the same artist) it talks of leadership, the warrior spirit, and direction which adds to the card for me.


The way the King of Pentacles sits in this stone throne... I think solid footing. But with his beard neatly divided... he's into appearances very much. I don't know why but when I see this card I think, living fat or living easy... corpulent?

This king does not impress me a whole lot, maybe a little more than the King of Cups but King of Swords and King Wands are manly kings... these other two seem to be more into self gratification to the point of overindulgence.

His hands bother me, they are closed... not open, but more grasping or even atrophied, like someone who has lost muscle control from a stroke or arthritis. The tight fist... tight fisted and not so much frugal as penny wise and pound foolish?

Ok, I've got to do some rethinking because I've got a bad attitude with this dude... I don't think this is the way he's meant to be portrayed.


Interesting, WalesWoman.
I got quite positive vibes from looking at the card, mainly thanks to the colours. I love the vibrant colours of the burning fire and the green and red of his clothes. He is not a poor guy - he has a warm house, food, good clothes, but neither needs he be terribly rich - it looks comfy but still fairly simple (compared to what we have come to think of as rich). But then I see the pentacles not so much as money but being comfortable with the earthy things. This King does not look like he needs much more than his comfy surroundings, he is not so much into seeking power and glory.
I don't know if the robin has a special meaning for the druids, it is a bird that is often found close to houses so they surely must have noticed them...in general the robin stands for new growth. They are also very territorial, two males will mock-fight each other over their territory. So maybe he is here to illustrate that the king has made his territory here. As this king is earthy, I think territory is more important to him than to the other kings.

And that beard is quite something. I have never seen anything like it :laugh:


I too had noticed (and wondered) about the lightly fisted hands???? I haven't figured out what that means. (shrug)

WalesWoman, does he remind you in any way of someone you don't like, or someone who wronged you in any way? That's usually the case with me when I have strange feelings to a certain card and can't figure out why.

Something else has occurred to me - his bare feet while showing his groundedness (which I "saw" before) also shows me that he's quite set financially. I mean it is winter outside but he's warm enough to go around the castle barefoot. LOL I hardly want to go barefoot in my house now and it's only October. :D


He is the oldest king by far you can tell he planned and waited for this and he earned it the old fashioned way. It has teken him a while to get this but i think he has the most solid footing hence the reason he is the only one with a home.

I think he might be the most boarish person though and theleast exciteig to be around. on the flip side he proly provides the best advise

of all the kings he has the least chance of losing everything


Now this guy I like. Old and experienced, comfortably relaxing, yet always aware of what is going on around him. He reminds me a bit of Santa Claus for some reason.


Closed hands

To me, his closed hands spoke of someone who hangs onto things, whether those things are possessions, money, ideas, or people. This is someone who will never forget a kindness or a betrayal. It would also be difficult to get him to change his mind once it is set.


Arania said:
Now this guy I like. Old and experienced, comfortably relaxing, yet always aware of what is going on around him. He reminds me a bit of Santa Claus for some reason.

Is it the red and green and the roaring fire? He looks very comfortable and at home ;)