Druidcraft Study group - Big Feet


I think all the reasons above could be why they were drawn that way.


I think that the artist probably has a problem drawing feet.



Maybe the feet are larger because the viewer is at ground level looking up at the various card figures? (I'm not saying SUCCESSFUL perspective, necessarily . . .)


I think they were purposely drawn larger...interesting about Justice having big feet and the weightiness of her position. Why do people get big feet, from going barefoot and packing heavy loads, like babies and small children, wood, water and food... it help you keep your balance and maybe evenly distributes the weight around. You'd think the Empress would have bigger feet then, but she is an Empress, not a peasant.

Ah ha, maybe it's the hardworking & humble aspect of the card then, humble beginnings or humble roots that go into the earth? I think that was mentioned before... I was thinking about the Queens and the Queen of Pentacles has bigger feet than any of the other queens or the Empress, and she is pretty down to earth and "common".

Haunted Wood

I don't think the feet are big, the figures in this deck are all in correct proportion, I don't think there's meaning behind their feet. Their feet appear larger because of foreshortening and the angle. For example in justice her feet are larger because of the low angle.


I like the big feet. It kind of reminds me of when its warm outside, and people didn't have to worry about broken glass and hot pavement. Very ancient world-y :)
Edit: I just read WalesWoman's reply, and agree with her, too.


inanna_tarot said:
It reminds me of the down to earth, practical, very Earthy and connected energy of the Hobbit.
Interesting you should say this because I often think of Hobbits when using my DruidCraft, and I think that might be the reason, the big bare feet. :) I like them, by the way. I don't think they're overly large, just larger than average. To me they don't look large enough to seem freakish or incorrectly depicted.