An interesting article


Thanks for sharing, Alta. Good to see this in a major newspaper.


Indeed. Thanks, Alta.

And I am particularly struck by it as my autistic granddaughter has shown a real interest in the cards and when shown one deck in particular which I had bought for her mother rather than for her, as she is so MESSY it wouldn't have survived in her room (yes she loses things she really loves in there !) because someone here had posted that people on the spectrum find it helpful to try to explain their own feelings through picking out cards to express them, she had gone through it so thoroughly that she came to me to ask why there was something different about one single card in it. And she showed me her favourite card (Hermit !!!!!) and all sorts.


I can't relate to her experiences as an autist, but the way she regarded the Tarot - as a mirror of truth, a close friend, as an oasis from the frenetic hustle and bustle of daily life - struck close to home. I'm glad it helped her find happiness.


Oh wow.. I can so relate. I am diagnosed autistic, I CAN make contact with people however, but it is still hard for me to actually GO places. SO good to read that she uses the cards to connect :D :thumbsup:


I got my daughter to use the cards last summer and yes it works.
My original idea behind it was to help her with imagining and story telling which she loved but then we got stuck on the original meaning/ feeling being it that's that!
Rotating decks solved that. It makes her see the same situations through different lense so to speak and allows a different take on things.
I think it's helping her transfer knowledge to different situations and settings and therefore being less rigid/ controlling of her environment.