Decks that just...change gears?


I've been posting a lot on here, wow. But I've certainly grown as a reader on here. I posted a reading in the Your Reading forum and it got me to thinking about this.
My Shadowscapes deck is changing gears, in a way. It used to be really light hearted and soft and now it's getting more serious. It is a GREAT predictive deck but I noticed that the time frame it's predicting is getting a bit longer, if that makes sense.

When I first got this deck, I didn't connect with it. Now we have a good bond!

I've just never had a deck that's changed like this before. My decks tend to stay the same and each are great for certain questions. Shadowscapes seems to be expanding.

Or maybe it's hinting at more serious and time pressing matters. Or maybe it's both! Who knows!

Has anyone else had a deck that started to expand like this? Hope this isn't a silly/obvious question. I'm just genuinely curious.


Maybe it could be you changing as much as the deck! And you're opening up to unexplored areas and possibilities. That's just one guess. But I think different aspects of decks can become known to us the more we explore them. Some of the things that happen during readings can be fairly amazing!


It's not the deck (ofcourse) it's you and your perceived relationship to the imagery/your state of being.

I get changes like this with a number of my decks.
Sometimes they work for me. Sometimes I'm just not in synch for the particular artwork, and something else speaks more to me... Sometimes my dark mood perfectly matches a dark deck and BAM!...etc.

Sounds like you're having fun. :). :thumbsup:


I agree that it's you and your understanding of the cards that's changing. :) The cards don't change but we and our understanding do. :)


The longer you have a deck or spend more time with it, you get to know it better. Now we know, it's us that has a different outlook but it gives the impression the deck is speaking to you. It's changing its personality shall we say. How such a nice deck could become serious. I especially find it interesting how a dark deck seems to change into a much lighter deck sometimes. It's actually good when your deck speaks light and dark. Poz and Neg. I lately have been surprised how I have changed where decks I think I like I don't, and decks I never thought I would like, I'm finding interesting.


I think it's like getting to know people. They have "layers" and, over time, sometimes you see more than what's on the surface :)