Another Photography Deck Coming


It's done by Rusty McDonald, over on this site.

I can't find the NAME of the deck, but he's in the process of doing all 78 cards. There's a facebook account for it too under the photography studio's name. The page on the url link also has other images not tarot related, so it's hard to pick them all out, you need to run the cursor over the image to get the title.

Moody, sort of dark, it looks interesting enough to post it here in case anyone else wanted to check it out.

He is selling prints, but at 'artist gallery' prices. Owch.


Thanks! I doubt that I would ever have found that on my own. Striking images, very atmospheric. So presumably not all of the images are for the tarot, going by the titles. I'm impressed.


It is the Tarot de Profundis. The title is just above the first picture and, if you click on it, you can leave your email address to be notified when the deck is released. Which I promptly did. :D

Thanks for bringing this hauntingly beautiful deck to my attention!


That is utterly gorgeous....
Just take a look- in fact I'm going straight back to admire those images for a lot longer.šŸŒŸ


Wow. This is going to be awesome. And a FULL deck, too. I DO hope it gets finished.


I think we'd have to ask the photographer how far along he is with the deck. I'd hate to have to wait ten years for it to be finished.


Very nice. A lovely creative style though only a few images (as they are) seem to relate to specific cards. The picture titles sometimes relate. I supposed that Moon Magic was meant to be the Moon card as the High Priestess wasn't apparent. But things like "Pendle Hill"?


The images up there are not all part of the deck. You have to sift carefully.


Yes, I think the guy mixed in a lot of his other work on the display page.


This is what a gothic deck should look like! Leaving aside the style and looking just at the cards with tarot titles--looks to me like he is illustrating the titles, without an understanding of tarot symbolism. That seems increasingly common. I'm guessing he sees tarot as 78-image art project that fits his surreal style, with a market. Looking at all the illustrations, mostly I can't pick out which are "tarot."