Another Yes No Spread


Yes or No Spread


1. Yes or No. Major Arcana means yes. Suited cards mean no. Court cards mean maybe. The card itself should also be interpreted for added meaning or extra messages.

2. This card will describe the question or situation that the tarot is addressing. Use this card to determine how accurate the reading really is. If it is not related to your question, disregard the yes/no card and just continue interpreting the remaining 5 cards like a normal spread. This most likely happened because the tarot felt that you had more pressing issues to focus on and it wanted to bring your attention to that.

3. This card is telling you about the past events or actions that led to the result of your yes/no answer.

4. This card is telling you about the current situation, and how that is playing a part in the yes/no answer that the tarot has given you.

5. This card is telling you about the future influences or actions that are available to you. No reading is ever set in stone, and the yes/no answer that was given can most likely be changed. This card will tell you how.

6. This card is giving you advice from the tarot, or pointing out things that the tarot feels that you should know about and don't.

I had originally made it so that reversed meant no, but I think that that is overdone and sometimes frustrating, especially if you don't read reversals.

If you prefer, you can choose a suited card for the yes. For example, if it is a relationship yes or no you are looking for then a cup would mean yes. Work questions would be a wands or pent card, etc. You decide what is appropriate.

Let me know what you think!



wow new spread for yes or no this is interesting!


yes i like this spread, i will try it on my lunch break! i dont like reversing cards for no cos i dont read reversals so after the reading i have to turn all the cards the right way up again! Thanks!


I think this spread is very hard if the reader uses a reversal one. I just try it and it make my head crack figuring the cards. It's better to read it not reversal but I love the idea thanks very much!


I can't see why anyone would waste their time with cards if all they are looking for is a yes or no. Why not just flip a coin?


This is a great spread, Cup_of_Fire :thumbsup:

It gives much more information than a simple Yes or No. What I like about it is that you get a built in confirmation and additional information... something that you don't get with some of the other Yes/No techniques I have seen.

:love: valeria


I just used this spread to answer my question and it was spot on!

I usually use a 3-card spread for a yes/no question, but this one gives me more details about my question.

Thanks so much for sharing :heart:


A good spread for yes or no questions. Not only does it address with it is yes, maybe or no, but it gives you perhaps reasons for the answers a possible solution, if one is needed. Something a toss of coin won't give you.


Thanks for trying my spread and sharing your thoughts on it! :)


I greatly enjoy this spread! I like that it gives extra information, that you can use in your interpretation of the situation. The situation, past and present cards so far have been pretty accurate, so I think there is a good chance the other cards would be accurate as well. I also like the extra information that you need card, I think it can sometimes suggest that maybe this event happening that you think will be good, may not be so.

Thanks for the spread, I think it will replace my other yes/no spreads.