Arthurian Legends-Where to begin?


magpie9 said:
It never occured to me that you were Not a formal study Group.

I've been following each of these threads as they form, and am getting a great deal out of it, just lurking. my Legends is no longer dusty, 'tho I'm not reading with it yet. I have very much enjoyed the organic way that the cards have slid from one into another. It's hard to asses whether it would be better to do it in a more linear way, 1 card per thread, and perhaps lose that spontanious progression, or get a bit more formal with it!

Luckily, it's not my decision to make!

Either way, I'll be reading along with all of you, and perhaps posting now and then, if that's OK? I don't want to make a formal commitment because of many changes in the works in my personal life right now. I really can't predict what will have to go by the wayside, for a little while now.

Hi Magpie!
I hope you do post your thoughts, regularly and often! That's the whole point of this study. To get more from our decks by sharing our thoughts and experiences and any little tid bit and gem that comes along the way!
Simply because only a few of us have been posting, it's only because this is just in the process of becoming. Everyone who is here is here, because they had something to express and chose to share it with everyone. Who ever started the threads did it to cast the net into the wind to see what will end up in the to speak. A desire to pick other's brains to expand my understanding. LOL
There is no membership, no one in charge, besides Sulis and David, since he has offered so graciously and generously to index the Arthurian Legends study and Sulis offering to break these up into individual threads, to make it easier for all of us to follow and find some order out of this.