ARVAL "Triumpe!" Mars: Le Chariot = Zayin


Further suggestive evidence that Le Chariot corresponds with
Zayin (Gemini) may be found in the May celebration of Arval.

"The cry of e nos Marmor iuuato triumpe triumpe
trium[pe tri]umpe
by the Arval Brethren at the end
of their hymn reinforced both the combative and
defensive character of Mars."

(Temple of Ceres)


The yearly festival took place in May, when the fruits were ripe, and consisted
in a kind of blessing of the first-fruits. The minute and primitive ritual was
evidently preserved from very ancient times, and the hymn, though it has
suffered in transliteration, is a good specimen of early Roman worship,
the rubrical directions to the brethren being inseparably united with the
invocation to the Lares and Mars.
History of Roman Literature (1877)

Sodales Salii (the "leaping priests" of Mars)
Nova Roma

Copyright by (alias) Julilla Sempronia Magna
reference: "Arval Bretheren [sic]... corn"


The whole Carmen Arvale seems to invoke Mars as a fertility god.

"The Arval priests were devoted to the goddess Dea Dia, and offered sacrifices to her to ensure the fertility of ploughed fields (Latin arvum). There were twelve Arval priests, chosen from patrician families. During the Roman Empire the Emperor was always an Arval priest. They retained the office for life, even if disgraced or exiled. Their most important festival, the Ambarvalia, occurred during the month of May, in a grove dedicated to Dea Dia. . . While passages of this text are obscure, it seems to seek the aid of Mars and the Lares (lases), beseeching Mars not to let ruts form in the fields, asking him to be satiated, and dance, and call forth sacred sowers."