Probably a dumb question:


I haven't got the exact facts at hand as regards Aleister Crowley & the Golden Dawn. Were these two associated in any way? I thought perhaps Crowley at one time was a member, but I don't remember exactly. I know they ran in the same circles. Help is appreciated, thanx! :)


You are correct, he was a member. I don't know a lot of the details surrounding his leaving, but they did boot him.


Crowley was one of those people who want to be master over everyone else, but the Golden Dawn already had one, so he left/was booted and formed his own group, the Argentum Astrum (Silver Star), abbreviated as a:a:, I believe.

It is similar to those people in the martial arts who, not willing to put in the years required for mastery, change a few thing here and there, open their own school, and become the first master of this new style.

Sorry. I don't have much regard for Crowley. :D



Sounds like Michael Flaherty leaving "Riverdance" & forming "The Lord of the Dance" all for his hammy self!! :D Thanx so much for the info, very helpful!! (Incidentally, I don't have the Thoth because I could never bear him! ;) )