Astrological Associations - Cancer 0-10 Degrees


Cancer is associated with the Chariot. It's ruled by the Moon, which is associated with the High Priestess. The first decan of Cancer is the 2 Cups (Venus in Cancer), which is associated with the Queen Cups.

High Priestess/Chariot
The High Priestess represents both that which is secret or hidden from oneself and the subconscious mind that governs instinct and intuition. Her rulership over the Chariot suggests the role of one's subconscious in the actions that one takes. The High Priestess' secret knowledge isn't available to the charioteer, whose actions and successes are on the physical plain.

High Priestess/Queen Cups
The High Priestess represents instincts, intuition and insight. The Queen has complete confidence in her instincts.

High Priestess/2 Cups
The High Priestess represents chastity, purity and virginity. In relation to the 2, this suggests the early stages of a relationship or even a platonic relationship.

Chariot/Queen Cups
The Chariot is a water card in which there is no water, suggesting there is a disconnect between intuition and emotions. The Charioteer is very logical while the Queen is well in touch with her intuitive side.

Chariot/2 Cups
Both cards deal with issues of cooperation or working towards a common goal. In the Chariot, the two sphinxes can be made to work towards a common goal through the will of the charioteer. In the 2, the two people choose to work together towards a common goal (business or relationship).

Queen Cups/2 Cups
The Queen and 2 share imagery: the lotus blossom suggests blossoming emotions and growing enlightenment, while the calm waters in juxtaposition to the flowing/raging waters suggest peace and tranquility in the face of surging or unstable emotions. The scene in the 2 suggests a relationship that is moving towards permanence while the rock upon which the Queen sits suggests the permanence of her control over her intuitive qualities.