Astrological Associations - Gemini 21-30 Degrees


Gemini is represented by the Lovers. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which is represented by the Magician. The third decan of Gemini is the 10 Swords (Sun in Gemini), which is associated with the Queen Cups.

The Magician is something of a best friend to the Lovers, someone who will lend a helping hand (getting Tefnut to come back to Shu when she left him) but will also do whatever it takes to stop you from making an ass of yourself (getting 5 extra days added to the year so that Geb and Nuit could have children after Shu declared that they couldn't have any children during any day of the year).

Magician/Queen Cups
The Magician can represent creative ideas. The Queen has a creative imagination.

Magician/10 Swords
The Magician represents wisdom, while the 10 represents unwise choices. The Magician represents the mind to put constructive uses, while the 10 represents the mind put to destructive uses.

Lovers/Queen Cups
Tefnut and the Queen are both rulers of the Water. Tefnut represents a choice made from the heart while the Queen represents emotions that are tempered by wisdom.

Lovers/10 Swords
The Lovers represents a choice that's influenced by the emotions. The 10 shows what can happen when ones makes choices that are devoid of emotion.

Queen Cups/10 Swords
The Queen represents enlightenment or wisdom. The 10 represents unwise or unenlightened choices.